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43Strangers Pay For Veteran's 1965 Ford Mustang To Be Restored

Couple wanted to honor soldier's service

An Iraq war veteran in Pearland, Texas, thought he was stopping by the shop to check on some small repairs to his classic car over the weekend. When he arrived, he was surprised to find his 1965 Ford Mustang restored to mint condition.

22Black Zombie electric Mustang launches Blood Shed Motors [w/videos]

Say Hello To The First Of Many Classic Muscle Car EV Conversions

As patient zero of Blood Shed Motors, the classic pony car has received a powerful electric transplant.

181Ford opens order banks for 2015 Mustang, pricing starts at $24,425*

Ford is officially selling its all-new 2015 Mustang, following today's release that the automaker has begun accepting orders for the fastback model. Accompanying the announcement came the long-awaited pricing for the entry level model, fitted with the 3.7-liter V6, which will start at $24,425 (*including destination and delivery).

1Muscle Car Speeds Down Highway While Missing Wheel

Sparks fly as Mustang drives at speed

YouTube user Gas of Mass uploaded this video of a Mustang kicking up sparks as it drags itself down a highway while missing the front driver's side wheel.

15This 2,000-hp Mustang is in serious need of wheelie bars

The Ford Mustang on the right is drag racing with the standard technique. The Mustang on the left, driven by David Measell, is using a new "rear bumper only" technique that evidently surprised everyone at the South Georgia Motorsports Park strip – including Measell.

115How Ford Kept The 2015 Mustang Hidden From The Public

The camouflage on top of the car made it seem smaller and hid its true shape from prying eyes

How do you keep one of the most hotly anticipated cars under wraps from spying eyes? Ford spent a lot of time working on camouflaging the 2015 Ford Mustang with vinyl and foam to conceal the real shape of the car beneath the covers.

153Gail Wise Still Owns The First Mustang Ever Sold

She was 22 when she bought the ragtop in 1964

To mark the Mustang's 50th anniversary, the company tracked down customer No. 1. That's right, the first customer took possession of the classic back when Lyndon Johnson was president and the Beatles were just getting started in America.

301Highly-Anticipated 2015 Ford Mustang Design Leaked

Car and Driver featuring 360-degree views of the redesigned pony car

Ford plans to celebrate the Mustang's 50th birthday with the debut of a redesigned pony car ready for the global market.

101Dad Reunited With First Car

Car unchanged 24 years later

Check out the priceless look on this dad's face when reunited with his first car after 24 years.

62Original Ford Mustang Back In The Spotlight

Ford asks "Should we borrow a few of these style elements for the next iteration of the Mustang?"

The Ford Mustang's classic long front end, swooping body, and growling, powerful engine is what iconic American muscle cars are all about.

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