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    Video: Indie rockers Local Natives perform from back of Nissan Rogue

    Most bands go through a fairly simple trajectory of vehicles to make it to shows. When they form, it's all about just getting to the gig and anything works. As they build a following and start touring a little regionally, they upgrade to a van to fit all of the members and equipment. Finally, if ...

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    Video: Check out these cool jazz tracks inspired by great cars of the '70s

    There's nothing like taking a drive with the perfect song playing that matches the mood and moment. When the rhythms sync up with the undulating road, the whole experience gets just a little bit better. Danish jazz-fusion band Elektrojazz understands the connection between music and driving, and ...

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    Official: Ford gets its Movement on, releases 'Sounds of Focus' tracks

    Ford has, for at least the second year in a row, teamed up with techno promoter Paxahau and a couple of artists to make music in recognition of the Detroit Movement music festival. This time, Movement performers Ataxia and Secrets were selected by Ford, and were invited to spend some time at the ...

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    Video: Buick Regal GS and troupe of basketball dribblers make great beats

    The 166 videos posted by YouTube music video maestro Kurt Hugo Schneider have been watched almost half a billion times. When Coke wanted to do something musically inclined and a little different, it called KHS, and the result was the video Little Talks. Buick appears to be the next blue chip in ...

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    Video: Watch these guys creatively cover No Diggity in a Honda Civic

    People do some weird things in their cars. Take these two gentlemen and their Honda Civic. Rather than tune in to satellite radio or hook up an iPod, they've opted to create their own music. YouTube musician Flula (in the passenger seat) and his friend Chester perform a cover of Blackstreet's ...

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    Video: Man turns Ford Fiesta into a one-car band

    The one-man band is a rather ridiculous idea, drawing up images of one person attempting to manipulate several instruments, at once, in a vain attempt at creating music. It's usually represented by silly scenes like this. Interestingly, the concept isn't much more successful when the "man" in ...

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    Video: Band turns Beetle Convertible into percussion section

    This isn't the first time we've seen music made with the help of cars, but it's pretty inventive all the same. Walk Off The Earth, a Canadian band perhaps best known for its cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know," teamed up with Volkswagen to film its latest music video. The song, ...

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    Study: The music you listen to impacts your driving safety

    Walking by any cardio class at the gym – or watching Iron Eagle – should be enough clue that music affects the tempo at which we do things. A study, admittedly a tiny one, by UK car and financial site puts it in perspective behind the wheel. Using its MotorMate app to ...

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    Video: OK Go plays "Needing/Getting" with the Chevy Sonic

    Chevrolet alluded to it in its "Stunt Anthem" Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic, and during this weekend's Super Bowl, the genuine article appeared. As promised, the Sonic tests out its musical chops by playing OK Go's "Needing/Getting." Two miles of instruments were laid out in the Southern ...

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    Video: IFA 2011: Gracenote shows off the future of mood-based music

    After a particularly rough day, few things are more cathartic than getting in your car and reveling in some choice tunes to suit your mood. Sure, you could dial up one of the 'heads (Radiohead, Portishead, The Talking Heads...) and wallow in self-pity on your way home, or – if Gracenote has ...

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    Chevrolet backs Spotify's U.S. launch, integration imminent

    Unless you've been living in tech-exile for the last 24 hours, you're undoubtedly aware of Spotify's launch in the U.S. The music streaming service has been going strong in Europe for the last two years and after a series of protracted negotiations with the music industry, Stateside audiophiles ...

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    Honda hopes Civic will inspire you to write a song

    Honda is casting the Sounds of Civic social media-based contest as a fun way for you to whip up a little song and possibly win a 2012 Honda Civic of your own. You might accept it at face value, or you may see it as a contrived and cynical attempt at being current and/or relevant. If the ...

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    Top 10 car songs picked by AOL Radio listeners; Do you agree?

    AOL Radio's top car songs - Click above to see the list
    UK company HPI recently put out a list of top ten road trip songs as chosen by its customers, with Lynyrd Skynyrd über alles. Now AOL Radio has put together its own list of car songs chosen by listeners, but these are songs about cars, ...

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    You're Doing it Wrong: UK survey shows favorite summer driving song is... Sweet Home Alabama?!

    UK firm HPI has some of the most intriguing customers in the business. The firm, akin to CarFax, provides a vetted history of a used car so buyers know what they're really getting. It has just concluded a survey of its customers to find out what they like most for road trip jams, and out of all ...

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    Chevy Beat stars as centerpiece of European young artists competition [w/video]

    Young Creative Chevrolet awards – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Just as Toyota rocks a lot more hip in Australia than it does in the U.S., Chevrolet's got far more groove in Europe than it does domestically. That kind of juice gives rise to things like the fourth annual Young ...

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    VIDEO: In Da Club Cherokee? Enterprising kids go all Jeep techno

    Jeep Cherokee beatbox – Click above to watch video
    If your Jeep Cherokee has been sitting around for a while, it probably makes a few noises. You might not mind, though, if they were noises as well orchestrated as those in the video shown above.British saxophonist Julian Smith spent a few ...

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    It's a Shame: Songwriter Evan Dando reportedly suing GM over music copyright [w/VIDEO]

    Bankruptcy is often not a clear-the-books-and-start-over process, but a continuation of one's troubles with people still piling on top of a business on its knees. Evan Dando, founder of alt-rock band The Lemonheads, is the latest to throw himself onto the GM scrum. The songwriter is suing General ...

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    Electric female string quartet Bond creates mini-album for Peugeot [w/VIDEO]

    Bond String Quartet - Click above for a high-res gallery
    To kick off the launch of the 308 CC, French carmaker Peugeot has enlisted the musical services of the high-heeled female string quartet Bond. Peugeot touts the car as "the only convertible in its class that is adaptable to every season" ...

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    More cowbell! Ford turns Focus into musical instruments

    click above for more images of the all-Focus orchestra The European Ford Focus is a big reason that Ford sells more vehicles in the UK than any other automaker, so you'll have to forgive the Blue Oval if it goes overboard in marketing one of its biggest stars. You may remember a Lexus campaign ...

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    Honk? How 'bout "Move it, Sucka!"?

    It'll cost you about the same as an iPod, but it's so much cooler. Or obnoxious. Mike Kosco dreamed up a way to make his Hummer growl, as well as sing whatever nuggets that could be crammed into 256 megabytes, too. If you're driving around a Hummer with the Incredible Hulk on the hood, you should ...


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