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    Video: Music video recreates Bullitt chase scene for unknown reason

    Now here's a quandary; What do inane pop beats and the Steve McQueen classic Bullitt have in common? If you answered less than the Cub Scouts and the Hells Angels, congratulations, we owe you a beer. Why do we ask? Our friends at The J managed to stumble across the music video for Sharam's ...

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    Video: Chevy Celebrity latest unlikely rap video star

    Chevrolet Celebrity music video - Click above to watch video after the jump
    We've got to wonder what it is about crappy cars that inspire acts of musical tribute. It seems like every time we turn around, the internets are serving up another heaping helping of clever lyrics and catchy beats to ...

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    Video: A vengeful Fangio in a Saab SPG?

    Peter Peter Hughes as Fangio. Click above to watch the music video after the jump.
    An entire concept album born from a 23-year-old song imagining Juan Manuel Fangio piloting a Saab SPG through the Andes on a mission to assassinate former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet? The plot sounds like ...

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    Video: Rapper pays homage to Volvo 240 wagon

    Grynch raps a tribute to "My Volvo" – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Rapper Grynch isn't about Maybachs and Phantoms – he's straight up all about a 1986 Volvo 240 DL... wagon. So much so, in fact, he's penned a song and made a video for it. One never knows what to expect ...

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    VIDEO: In Da Club Cherokee? Enterprising kids go all Jeep techno

    Jeep Cherokee beatbox – Click above to watch video
    If your Jeep Cherokee has been sitting around for a while, it probably makes a few noises. You might not mind, though, if they were noises as well orchestrated as those in the video shown above.British saxophonist Julian Smith spent a few ...

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    VIDEO: Suzuki GSX-R self-assembles, can AI be far behind?

    Self-assembling Suzuki GSX-R - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Fancy yourself mechanically inclined? Ever want to try your hand at building your own motorcycle? While some of us have rebuilt our fair share of cars over the years, we've never gone and tried the ground-up thing ...

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    Jay Z vandalizing 2011 Jaguar XJ for 'On to the Next One' video?

    On Wednesday night, as part of the run-up to the LA Auto Show, Jaguar held a sizable soiree at SoCal's Milk Studios to show off its latest wares to the public and press, with a heavy focus on its 2011 XJ flagship. With the British automaker's latest model taking center stage, Mike O'Driscoll, ...

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    VIDEO: Mutemath films music vid with a Ford Econoline and... not much else

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    The music video has evolved from a low budget way to promote record sales to multi-million dollar budget busters with stunt doubles and special effects. A band called MUTEMATH is out to change all that, as the alternative rock band shot one of its latest ...

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    Eye Candy: "Go Speed Racer Go" music video

    Click above for photo gallery. Follow the jump for the music video.The music video for the updated Speed Racer theme, "Go Speed Racer Go", has hit the web, and while the song itself gets annoying after a couple of verses (how many times can you listen to that refrain before going insane?), the ...

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    Tour the USA in under 4 minutes with a little help from Lacquer

    Check out this music video for Lacquer's Behind. Maybe some of you will scoff at it being featured here on Autoblog, but it speaks to motorists, adventurers and travelers who like voyages on America's highways and byways. It starts with an old convertible parked at the Pacific Ocean, and turns into ...

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    VIDEO: Pontiac places G8 and G6 GXP in rap video

    You can't really blame Pontiac for giving its rear-wheel-drive G8 Concept and G6 GXP to rapper 50 Cent to use in his video for the song "Amusement Park". After all, pick a premium nameplate like Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Ferrari and one could find at least half a dozen (or more) music ...


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