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    Spy Shots: 2009 Dodge Challenger test mule spied again

    A two-tone 2009 Dodge Challenger was spotted in Detroit earlier this month, but it was all the way back in August when we brought you shots of this all-black Challenger. That car hasn't been spotted cruising around the streets of Detroit in a while, the reason being is that it's no longer in the ...

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    First three production Dodge Challengers to be auctioned off

    click above image for more high-res pics of the Dodge ChallengerThe production Dodge Challenger won't arrive until next year, but Dodge is already planning on how it's going to get the most out of those first three examples, which are all scheduled to be top of the line SRT-8 models with HEMI ...

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    Muscle cars that byte for the combo car-nut/geek in your life

    They're no remote-controlled VW, but these muscle car USB drives are pretty slick. Not as sleek or fast as the Ducatti/Sandisk drives we showed you a couple of weeks ago, but these definitely will appeal to a certain portion of our audience. Made by dummberry and available at the Etsy online store, ...

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    Spy Shots: Production Dodge Challenger caught in public again

    While these new spy shots of the production Dodge Challenger show neither more nor less of the car than similar shots taken last week, we still find ourselves interested. This time we see the new Challenger sitting at a stoplight, which afford a view of the big 5-spoke wheels that slightly obscure ...

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    EC vs WC: 2007 Los Angeles Concours d'Elegance

    click above for a HUGE gallery of concours entrantsFor the second year in a row, the Assistance League of Southern California (ALSC) presented a pretty exceptional Concours d'Elegance for the greater Los Angeles area right in the shadow of the historic Rose Bowl. While Greenwich needed two days to ...

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    Barrett-Jackson rumblings: Trouble in Westworld?

    It seems like the recent rumblings out of Westworld are failing to die down. A high profile ejection of a respected collector car expert, rumors of shill bidding on company-owned muscle cars, and cars not getting their fair amount of stage time have all generated headlines from this year's biggest ...

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    Gravity Racers going on the block at Barrett-Jackson

    Mention Barrett-Jackson auctions to most enthusiasts and the first thing that will pop into their heads will probably be muscle cars. American iron from the '60s and '70s dominates the typical catalog. Chevelles, 'Cudas, Vettes, and Mustangs that are so rare and in such good condition that the ...

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    Challenger and Camaro start their showdown a bit early

    Chrysler picked a pleasant midsummer afternoon on Tuesday to show off its upcoming Challenger pony car to the media, but the party was briefly interrupted by the appearance of its soon-to-be showroom rival. The boys from Chevrolet picked this moment to roll through with a car transporter carrying ...

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    SCCA keeps famous Trans-Am Series alive

    The Sports Car Club of America will keep the longest-running U.S. road race series on track for at least another year. With 2006 marking the 40th anniversary of the famous series, two events are scheduled at Heartland Park, Topeka, Kansas, starting with "Trans-Am Thunder in the Heartland" in ...

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    CNN reports Top 10 Muscle Car Stars

    CNN Money has published a list of the "Top 10 Muscle Car Stars" as compiled by Kelley Blue Book. Some of the picks are obvious, such as the Hemi 'Cuda convertible, GTO Judge convertible, and the venerable Plymouth Superbird. More of a surprise is the presence of the Ford Torino Talladega, which is ...

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    Dodge Challenger production decision by fall

    Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda says the company may have a go/no-go production decision on the Dodge Challenger, a concept car hit of the Detroit auto show (above), as early as September.It's been widely assumed that the Challenger was destined for production, to take advantage of the resurgent interest ...

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    MoPar madness! Foose "Overhaulin'" Challenger to see production

    The '71 Challenger that Chip Foose whipped into shape on TLC's "Overhaulin'" TV show back in 2004 must have been a big hit, because Foose is partnering with Texas-based Unique Performance to build a limited production run of Challengers based on the TV version.The limited edition muscle cars will ...

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    Challenger Concept could be parking next to you soon

    Dodge has been doing some market research these days by sending its Challenger concept on the rounds. Autoblog reader Kurt spotted the beaut on Cruise Night at a Big Boy restaurant in Taluca Lake, Calif., where the carbon fiber-clad one-off was the object of everyone's affections. This is at least ...

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    Dodge insists Challenger does not yet have green light

    In a questionable PR move, Chrysler's VP of Communications Jason Vines told Inside Line that despite internet reports of a supplier already working on components for the production version of the Dodge Challenger Concept the company has not yet given the pony project a green light. Vines, who is on ...

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    Dodge Challenger makes unexpected pit stop in Golden State

    Either Dodge is prepping to officially announce production of the Challenger concept, or the brand's feeling dissed for not receiving 300 e-mails daily like rival Chevrolet for its Camaro concept. Whatever the reason, the retro-muscle car rumbled largely unannounced into SoCal last week, ...

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    Ford Mustang Stampede Edition let loose in TX and OK

    The Ford Mustang Stampede Edition is another regional special edition Mustang along the lines of the California Special (though that V8 model will be available nationwide) that will be available at 300 Ford dealerships in Texas and Oklahoma. Ironically this Mustang's stampede is provided by the ...

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    Citizen review of Charger police cruiser

    No doubt many of you have already begun seeing Dodge Charger police cruisers patrolling your neighborhoods. As soon as Michelle Wingard of Amherst, OH (population 14,000) saw a Charger with a light bar trolling in her neck of the woods she made a B-line to the precinct to get a closer look. Thanks ...

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    Dodge Challenger a little closer to reality

    DaimlerChrysler is a wee bit closer to putting some retro muscle into its lineup with the Dodge Challenger. Automotive News hit up Chrysler Group's executive VP for global sales and marketing, Joe Eberhardt, for a few answers regarding the pony car, and Eberhardt says that the company may have ...

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    New York Auto Show: 2007 Shelby Hertz GT350H intro and high-res shots

    Click for gallery of 14 high-res images from the show floor The Autoblog crew was on hand to witness the introduction of the 2007 Shelby Hertz GT350H "Rent-a-Racer", and Carroll Shelby himself climbed out of the 'stang to talk about his latest creation. Prior to the car's debut on stage, a quick ...

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    New York Auto Show: So cool it Hertz - Mustang GT350H

    In the wee hours of Wednesday morning Ford quietly released these official pics of the Mustang GT350H (a.k.a. Rent-A-Racer). Some of the shots were taken on location at a Hertz rental car outlet, which pays homage to the good ol’ days when you could plunk down some cash and have your way with ...


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