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    Report: GM turns to MTV to sell cars to younger generations

    Car companies worldwide have had a terrible track record creating cars that attract hip, young buyers. Despite all their best efforts to cater to the cool cats, the 18-24 demographic prefers to defy categorization. But now it seems car companies have a new, more vexing problem. The 18-24 crowd ...

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    VW to reveal new global Beetle in two weeks on MTV

    You think Volkswagen is interested in generating buzz in the next generation Beetle? The automaker teased (and gave away) The People's Car on Oprah in the fall, Followed by a pricey but clever Super Bowl commercial back in February. We heard a couple weeks back that VW planned to follow up on ...

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    VW Beetle makes a bold bet on Skins [w/video]

    Companies prefer spending ad dollars on TV shows that people are actually going to watch. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of buzz; if a lot of good or bad things are being said about a program, people are likely to tune in out of curiosity. Volkswagen is aware of this, and the automaker is ...

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    Xzibit broke, needs someone to pimp his checking account?

    Is Galpin Auto Sports hiring? Because rapper/actor Xzibit is broke. During his Pimp My Ride days on MTV, X was raking in the dough – in 2007, he earned $497,175 from the crazy custom car show. The very next year, after the show was canceled, he earned a decidedly un-Hollywoodesque ...

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    MTV goes car crazy: Trick it Out joins final season of Pimp My Ride

    Looks like MTV wants to shake things up a bit on Sunday nights. They are set to pit two customizers against each other in a new series that will join a longtime favorite in the lineup. Out-going classic "Pimp My Ride" will follow the freshman series "Trick It Out" starting at 10pm ET/PT. Check your ...

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    MTV to pimp out a '65 Impala with 800hp biodiesel for Earth Day

    var digg_url = ''; Next week on MTV, it's a "Very Special Edition" of Pimp My Ride. In honor of Earth Day coming on April 22, the crew of the popular MTV show that proves on a regular basis that having ...

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    VIDEO: Cruisin' Monte Carlo with Jay-Z, Dale jr. and Danica

    It's not often that we post video footage from BET, but Jay-Z's latest music video for "Show Me What You Got" makes us wonder if we haven't been missing something. The video puts some hip-hop flava' on the James Bond theme, set in Monaco with Jay-Z cruisin' the streets of Monte Carlo, ridin' ...

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    GM supplying MTV with fleet of custom E85 vehicles and Chip Foose Tahoe Concept

    General Motors has teamed up with the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards to supply the event with a fleet of 60 E85 capable Chevy Tahoe, Avalanche and Suburban vehicles. The fleet will be used to transport "talent" (we use that term loosely) to the event and also get the word out about the first E85 ...

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    Galpin Auto Sports joins new Pimp My Ride on MTV

    West Coast Customs is out and Galpin Auto Sports is in on MTV's new season of the Xzibit-driven car makeover show Pimp My Ride. Galpin is well known for customizing all manner of Ford product for decades and has a rich history as one of the Blue Oval's most colorful dealerships. In addition to the ...

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    West Coast Customs will no longer pimp yo ride

    On MTV, anyway. West Coast Customs and MTV have decided to file for divorce, amicably ending a relationship that debuted as “Pimp My Ride” with host Xzibit in 2004. WCC boss Ryan Friedlinghause cites his company’s image as the reason behind the decision, and announced that he will ...


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