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    Crazy eights! MTM builds an 888-hp Audi R8

    The Audi R8 is apparently a tempting platform for tuners. We've seen sketches of the Abt Audi R8, we spotted the APR Audi R8 at the 2007 SEMA Show, and we recently took a look at the carbon fiberized PPI Audi R8. MTM, those crazy Germans who built the twin-engine, 740-hp Audi TT Bimoto, brought ...

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    MTM Audi RTT: R8-beating, Bauhaus lunacy

    One of the scribes contracted by World Car Fans just wrapped up some seat time in the supercharged MTM Audi RTT, and says, despite the love-fest going on over the Audi R8, its MTM-massaged baby brother can give it more than a run for its money.Focusing more on outright speed than competent ...

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    Two mean: MTM TT Bimoto hits 244mph, looks good doing it

    We've been privy to some interesting tuner creations over the years, but once you've enjoyed some seat time in a 1,000 HP Supra, tackled the bends in a turbo'd Elise and gotten The Fear piloting a Viper, everything else seems to pale in comparison. However, the be-all-end-all mod that leaves our ...

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    More on the supercharged MTM Audi RS4

    When we brought you AudiWorld's story on the MTM-tuned RS4, there were only two questions we had: how much and what's it sound like? Thankfully, European Car was able to get the first answer during their review, and after converting from euros to dollars, the MTM package will set you back about ...

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    AudiWorld flogs the 535HP MTM RS4 Clubsport

    Messing with perfection is a tough trade, but for the world-renowned Audi tuners at MTM, it's another day at the office. Based out of Wettstetten, a suburb of Ingolstadt, and headed by an ex-Audi engineer who took part in the development of the quad-ring's turbo'd five-cylinder engines of the '80s, ...

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    Gumpert looking to build a new model: More luxury, less power

    Winding Road just relayed some info from the newest issue of Autocar, regarding supercar maker, Gumpert. Apparently, the firm is working on a new model said to be "less powerful, more relaxed, and less track-oriented." The brief mention is in the March 21 issue of Autocar, and quotes Apollo builder ...

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    Good things come in threes: 330HP MTM Audi S3

    Click the image to access our gallery of pics.When it comes to vehicles that aren't available here in the U.S., several rides are on our automotive shortlist. The S3 however, isn't one of them. According to some of our friends across the pond, we're weren't missing out on much when Audi decided to ...


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