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    Official: Honda launches Project Drive-In to save these American icons

    Honda wasn't really a major player in the automotive industry when drive-in movie theaters were popular in the US, but the automaker is doing its best to preserve the place where automotive and cinema histories collide. Using Project Drive-In, Honda is helping bring awareness to a story we ...

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    Read This: Lack of 35mm film, replacement parts putting hurt on America's drive-ins [w/poll]

    Drive-in movie theaters turn 80 years old this summer, and, soon, they might die of old age. There are only 360 drive-in theaters left in the US – down from 4,000 at their peak in 1958 – and the 35-millimeter film projectors that they use to screen movies are quickly losing support ...

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    How To: Turn your car into a drive-in theater

    A lot of younger folks in Autoblog land have never seen a drive-in movie, mostly because the majority of outdoor theaters have gone the way of the Dodo. Never fear, because the folks at Popular Mechanics have come up with a clever yet simple way of bringing the drive-in to your own back yard. The ...


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