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1Motus and Race Car Replicas debut RCR Monoposto and Baby Block MV4 engine [w/video]

The beautiful red racecar you see above may not be what you think it is. It's not vintage, it has never actually seen competition, and it's not from Italy. What it is, though, is the wrapper that debuts a new powerplant from the crew at Motus, the small-scale American motorcycle manufacturer from Down South in Alabama. It was built by Race Car Replicas from Fraser, MI, and we think it's pretty darn awesome.

24Motus prices 2013 MST at $30,975

It's been a little while since we've touched on Motus and the company's all-American MST bikes, but that doesn't mean it has faded into obscurity. The manufacturer has officially announced pricing on two of its wares. The base MST sports tourer will command a sticker price of $30,975, while the slightly sportier MST-R will set buyers back $36,975. Neither bike will bow with the much-talked about gasoline direct injection system, but that doesn't mean the in-house V4 engine is any less impressive

15Motus unveils production MST-01 and MST-R

Motus has officially unveiled the company's first products at Pratt & Miller's Michigan facility. The venue was chosen because of Pratt & Miller's role in engineering the bike's frame. Not interesting enough for you? Eyeball the bike's heart, then: a V4, scale version of the pushrod V8 that powers the Corvette Racing C6.R.

12Motus Motorcycles V4 engine impresses, puts out over 160 horsepower [w/video]

Exclusive image of the Motus MST-01 – Click above for high-res image gallery

8Motus Motorcycles details new V4 engine with gasoline direct injection

Motus MTS-01 – Click above for image gallery

14Motus Motorcycles details new V4 engine, MST-01 sport tourer

Motus MTS-01 – Click above for image gallery

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