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    Lutz denies Pontiac not getting Alpha platform

    When we read in Motor Trend that the Alpha platform would find its way beneath the bow tie instead of the next G6, we were a little disappointed. It didn't make sense that GM would forego the performance-oriented image of Pontiac that Blogger Bob promised us for the more family-friendly, high ...

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    Is the 2008 Honda Accord Motor Trend's COTY?

    Has Ernie Boch Jr. let the cat out of the bag? Autoblog reader Jason tipped us that he heard a fleeting mention of the 2008 Honda Accord being Motor Trend's Car Of The Year during a commercial for a seasonal promotion at the national sales champ dealership. Could it be that Jason's sharp ear has ...

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    NHRA founder Wally Parks passes at 94

    In our own little subsection of society, few men have had as much influence on our pistonhead way of life than Wally Parks. Over 94 years, he was a test driver for GM, founded the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), had a hand in starting Motor Trend in 1948, co-founded Hot Rod magazine and deemed ...

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    Motor Trend gets kooky with Photoshop

    Click the mash-up above to see more of MT's digital hallucinationsOne of the problems with modern digital technology is sometimes people just don't know where to stop. Just because you can do something with Photoshop, it doesn't necessarily mean you should. All of us here at Autoblog know what can ...

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    MT drives the VW Tiguan early

    As of right now, VW has a very incomplete US lineup that consists of a bunch of Jetta-sized models, the midsize Passat and the big and heavy Toureg. Volkswagen is trying to rectify that situation with the forthcoming Tiguan, which in concept form is a CRV-fighting crossover with some panache. ...

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    2009 Cadillac CTS-V will have 600HP Corvette Blue Devil engine!

    click above image to enlarge var digg_url = ''; The new issue of Motor Trend arrived in the mail and our eyes were instantly attracted to this story that just went live on The MT crew has learned that the ...

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    Motor Trend, Automobile sold to Source Interlink

    It appears that today is the day for shedding divisions, as in addition to news that Daimler has sold a majority stake in Chrysler to the Cerberus Group, we've also learned that Primedia has finally unloaded its Enthusiast Media division to Source Interlink. The Enthusiast Media division of ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #63

    It's nice to be back in the swing of things. We're once again cranking out weekly podcasts, and #63 is a compact one. We start off salivating over the news that the next generation Suzuki Swift will be headed for US shores. We devolve from discussing an unsubstantiated rumor into wistful praise ...

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    New York Preview: Subaru Impreza WRX gets early release on cover of MT

    It wouldn't be an auto show without embargos breaking everywhere you turn. This one comes courtesy of Motor Trend magazine's May issue, which features the new Subaru Impreza WRX on the cover. A member of the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club received his copy more than a bit early in the ...

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    Influential publisher Robert E. Petersen passes on at 80

    Robert E. Petersen passed away today after a short battle with neuroendocrine cancer at the age of 80. Automotive journalists everywhere owe a good degree of gratitude to Petersen, who founded such magazines as Motor Trend, Hot Rod and Car Craft with his company, Petersen Publishing Inc. In fact, ...

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    RIP: Motor Trend Classic cancelled

    While perusing our latest issue of the newsletter for February, we noticed an announcement by Truck Trend editor and Motor Trend writer Mark Williams that reveals the end has come for Motor Trend Classics, the bi-monhtly publication that was obviously a labor of love for the MT ...

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    Got 12 bucks? PRIMEDIA puts Motor Trend and more up for sale

    PRIMEDIA Inc., the parent publishing company that's responsible for Motor Trend, along with other enthusiast mags like Automobile and Hot Rod, have announced that it's "exploring the sale" of its Enthusiast Media division. While the sale price will probably be more than the going rate for a ...

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    Motor Trend: Aston Martin sold, but maybe not to LVMH

    Motor Trend is disputing yesterday's published reports that Brit luxury/sports car manufacturer Aston Martin will be sold to Louis Vuitton. According to MT, which cites "well-placed" UK sources, Aston's bags are packed and ready to leave Ford, but they do not have that iconic "LV" logo on them. ...

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    Motor Trend names Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV of the Year

    Motor Trend has gone and named the 2007 Mercedes-Benz GL450 its SUV of the Year. We apologize if you were waiting with baited breath for the December issue of MT to arrive because you like to find these things out for yourself, but if that's the case then we can't help you. The GL450 beat out 22 ...

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    World's First: Lexus LS460 gets loose

    click on image to enlargeUpon perusing our October 2006 issue of Motor Trend, we ran across the mag's review of the new 2007 Lexus LS460 and a pair of pictures caught our eye. Before us on the printed page was a bright silver LS sedan doing a burnout and... (gulp) drifting! The Japanese luxury ...

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    So who broke Honda's embargo?

    Though Honda did have an embargo on the release of the CR-V until September 1st, some have made the valid point that Motor Trend technically broke the embargo first when copies of its October 2006 issue featuring an article on the 2007 Honda CR-V hit mailboxes this past week. At that point, ...

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    Ford Expedition EL and Lincoln Navigator go on camera at MT

    Motor Trend recently posted a short video review of the new Ford Expedition EL and Lincoln Navigator that contained a few nuggets of new info about the Blue Oval's big utes. We're all well aware that with their 5.4-liter V8 that produces 300 horsepower and 365 ft-lbs. of torque, the Expedition and ...

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    Boss Mustang will be stripper with GT500 parts

    We reported late last year that Ford was probably working on a Boss version of the S197 Mustang. Motor Trend is reporting in its September issue that the Boss Mustang is definitely a go for the model year before a refreshed Mustang bows in 2008. Our own Eric Bryant reported it will likely be ...

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    I want my MTTV

    Motor Trend will be launching a 24-hour broadcast TV network sometime in 2007 that will be available via multicast broadcasts. The network will be available in local markets where broadcasters find themselves with excess bandwidth during the transition from analog to all-digital broadcasts. ...

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    Camaro Concept versus Mustang debate goes digital

    Many of us have already taken in Motor Trend’s May issue cover story in which an impatient MT staff pits Chevy’s Camaro Concept, not due out until 2008 if at all, against the Ford Mustang in a digital duel. The comparison occurred in a virtual world created by a simulation program ...


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