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    Report: Motorcyclist arrested after police matched video with ankle bracelet data [w/video]

    We all make dumb decisions, from time to time. In fact, you might even say it's the best way to learn... sometimes. You make a mistake, see the error of your ways and move on as a better person. However, when you upload proof of a very bad choice to YouTube, things can go very wrong, and it's ...

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    Video: Watch Nitro Circus and Gavin Godfrey roll the Eureka Casino motocross-style

    To promote being in Mesquite, Nevada during the Mesquite Off-Road Weekend, Nitro Circus sent co-founder Tanner Gavin Godfrey on a gambling spree through the Eureka Casino. Not exactly playing the penny slots, however, Godfrey takes a tour of the hotel and casino from the saddle of his motocross ...

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    Video: Jay Leno's 1976 MV Agusta sounds like sex

    In this latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay brings out a longtime resident of his personal motorcycle collection, a lovely 1976 MV Agusta 750 America. The bike, which Leno has owned for some 25-plus years, has been dubbed the "Ferrari of motorcycles" by some (including our host) and really ...

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    Video: Wake Up to some high-flying Mountain action at Cadwell Park

    We've brought you scenes from The Mountain at Cadwell Park before. And, if another great video comes to light showing off the launching skills of motorcyclists eking out as much speed from their raging machines (Wake Up!) as possible, we'll bring you scenes from The Mountain again. Such is the ...

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    Followup: 186-mph Vancouver motorcyclist turns himself in to police [w/video]

    We're sure you remember our less-than-intelligent friend on the '06 Yamaha R1. You know, the one who filmed himself doing at least 186 mph through busy traffic in Vancouver, Canada? As it turns out, it didn't take long for police do identify the idiotic rider. Public tips quickly pointed law ...

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    Video: Biker gets surprise visit from 155-mph snake

    Take a close look at the image above. Yes, it's a motorcyclist, riding an orange motorcycle. Take a gander at the speedometer, and you'll see he's doing about 250 kilometers per hour, which equals about 155 miles per hour. But wait – what's that yellow thing surrounding the digital ...

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    Video: Watch Genki Hagata pull off the world's greatest motorcycle save

    We officially have a new motorcycle hero. Genki Hagata rolled his Yamaha YZF-R6 out onto the track during the second AMA Pro Supersport qualifying session at Sears Point recently. Partway through his out-lap, the bike lost traction in the rear before abruptly regaining it. We likely don't need to ...

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    Video: Vancouver motorcyclist's 185-MPH ride has cops' attention

    In the pantheon of bad ideas and even worse ideas, capturing yourself on video gratuitously breaking the law and later flaunting your indiscretions to the local constabulary ranks right between sticking your face into a diesel truck's tailpipe and standing atop a motorcycle shooting off a gun on ...

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    Video: The case of the invisible motorcycle

    If you ever find yourself needing to talk someone out of purchasing a motorcycle, we suggest turning their eyes toward the interminable mire that is YouTube. For every clip of an amazing stunt or beautiful ride through the country, there's 15 videos of motorcycle riders on the raw end of a ...

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    Video: Jorian Ponomareff shows off insane motorcycle drifting skills

    Welcome to lessons in vehicle control with Jorian Ponomareff. The motorcycle stunt rider has made a name for himself as a guy who's capable of pulling off incredible feats of riding, including getting tail-happy with precise, controlled drifts. Ponomareff has released a new video of his talents ...

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    Video: Freestyle motorcycle riding in the French Alps film is gorgeous

    Of the world's innumerable natural wonders, the French Alps are particularly spectacular. Stretching along the border between France and Italy, the mountain chain offers exceptional vistas and, for braver folk, incredibly challenging terrain. Freestyle trials rider Julien Dupont recently brought ...

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    Video: The inner workings of Matt Machine makes us want to build, then ride

    We're beginning to think Australia is the Promised Land. The wayward continent embraces all things motorized in a way that never fails to make us smile. Lately, we've become aware of the growing number of vastly talented motorcycle builders coming from that corner of the globe, including Matt ...

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    Video: Gino Rea fights the high-side... and wins

    YouTube has served up some pretty impressive motorcycle saves over the years, and Gino Rea can now count himself among the hallowed few who have managed to pull a bike out of a tailspin and come up grinning. The World Supersport rider found himself in a nasty high-side during last weekend's race ...

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    Video: Band on the run rocks Russia's freeways with crazy motorcycle

    The desire to listen to tunes on the road has led to all sorts of innovations. It's where Motorola got its start, it's where eight-tracks lived and died, it was the impetus for the invention of satellite radio... But this, this is something new. Evidently tired of playing in their parents' ...

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    Video: Kawasaki ZX-10R lapping Nürburgring in 7m 50s is scary awesome

    By now, we've all grown a little callous to watching high-strung supercars prance their way around the Nürburgring. Nearly every manufacturer has taken it upon themselves to do battle with the infamous road course, and as a result, YouTube is choked with videos of physics-bending cars doing ...

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    Video: Forget scraping pegs... how about scraping helmet?

    The Do Not Try This At Home folder is a constantly expanding trove of items that you really shouldn't attempt. We have a new one to add, and it involves a bout of two-wheeled lunacy, a racetrack and a rider's head. Said head probably lacks the internal jelly responsible for keeping his body parts ...

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    Video: Moscow motorcyclist's crazy high-speed commute

    Morning commute in Russia on a Yamaha R1 – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Driving to work in the morning can be a tedious and annoying affair. At least, we imagine it is, since we are chained to the wall of a basement staring at a computer screen for 23.5 hours per day. One ...

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    VIDEO: Suzuki GSX-R self-assembles, can AI be far behind?

    Self-assembling Suzuki GSX-R - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Fancy yourself mechanically inclined? Ever want to try your hand at building your own motorcycle? While some of us have rebuilt our fair share of cars over the years, we've never gone and tried the ground-up thing ...

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    Video: KTM demonstrates how to ride its bikes

    Click above to watch the video
    You've got to respect the capabilities of the orange and black machines currently rolling out of KTM's Austrian headquarters, but after watching some promotional footage of its latest bikes in action, we can only surmise that the European cycle manufacturer isn't ...


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