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A few months ago, California State Senator Fran Pavley introduced legislation that would have required regular smog checks for motorcycles larger than 280 cc and newer than model year 2000. That mandate was planned to go in effect in the year 2012, but that's now changed.


For several decades, drivers in California have had to go through an annual ritual of getting the emissions systems of their cars tested to make sure they comply with state regulations. While air quality in the Golden State has undoubtedly improved since the 1960s, smog is still a major problem in places like Los Angeles. In an effort to address that, the California legislature is now considering expanding those smog checks to motorcycles.


Back on February 26th, California State Senator Fran Pavley introduced legislation that would "amend Section 44011 of, and to add Section 44012.5 to, the Health and Safety Code, relating to air pollution." All right, what's that mean? Basically, this legislation would require motorcycle owners in California to get smog checks for their motorcycles once every two years. The law would cover all motorcycles model year 2000 or newer and, if passed, would go into effect on January 1st, 2012.

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