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motorcycle helmet law

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    Report: Motorcycle helmet law repeal trend leading to higher death rates

    The more states allow people to ride motorcycles without helmets, the more people die, according to a study discussed in today. The report, released by, outlines how for the past 30 years, states have begun to loosen helmet restrictions on bikers and deaths ...

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    Put out of its Missouri: State Legislature considers repealing motorcycle helmet law

    Few issues out on the open road are as divisive as helmet laws for motorcycle riders. On the one hand, you have individual liberty advocates – many motorcyclists among them – insisting that the government can't tell riders what's best for them. On the other are safety advocates, armed ...

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    IIHS launches maps to compare traffic laws between states

    Click above to view the IIHS Helmet Law maps
    If you plan on interstate travel, it's probably a good idea to understand the many differences in state traffic laws. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety is creating a series of color-coded US maps to point out the differences in state regs, ...


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