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motorcycle crash video

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    Video: Slow-mo backwards motorcycle crashes look a lot less painful

    Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous business – no two ways about it. And riding hard and fast, on and around the the legendary Mulholland Highway can be riskier still. Especially, as is evident from this exceptionally creepy video, if one happens to be hot-dogging it for on-lookers and ...

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    Video: After desert crash, motorcycle racer rides 14 more miles with broken ribs, collapsed lung

    Endurance off-road racing is brutal, and riders willing to tackle the open desert on a motorcycle are as tough as they are adventurous. Sam Longson, competing in the Best in the Desert "Vegas to Reno" race on August 17, showed just how rough off-road racing can be when he rode his bike the final ...

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    Video: Watch Americans, Canadians react very differently to two-wheeled skirmishes *UPDATE

    The best motorcycling advice anyone ever gave me was simple: ride like everyone is out to kill you. This sort of hyper-paranoia is great for keeping both bike and rider in one piece, but it can also easily tint your view of the rest of humanity. When an absent-minded teen wanders into your lane ...

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    Video: The case of the invisible motorcycle

    If you ever find yourself needing to talk someone out of purchasing a motorcycle, we suggest turning their eyes toward the interminable mire that is YouTube. For every clip of an amazing stunt or beautiful ride through the country, there's 15 videos of motorcycle riders on the raw end of a ...

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    Video: Brazilian motorcycle stunt show doesn't go as planned

    We have serious respect for the individuals employed in the world's various stunt shows. It takes hours of practice, meticulous choreography and massive amounts of skill to be able to manipulate vehicles in concert, and the specter of immediate death is waiting just off screen should you miss ...

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    Moto Dominos: Nine riders go down in Moto2, race restarted [w/video]

    Moto2 crash at Jerez – Click above to watch the video after the break
    The very same properties that make oil perfect for lubricating the high-speed engine internals inside racing vehicles makes it extremely dangerous on the actual racing surface. No shock there... we all know oil is ...


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