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    Video: MCN takes us for a ride on Vyrus 986 M2 Moto2 race bike

    Motorcycle technology has risen in leaps and bounds over the last decade or so, and nowhere is that more evident than at the highest level or competition on two wheels: MotoGP. Electronics packages, engines that spin through the roof and even gearboxes that can engage ratios at lightning speed ...

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    Report: MotoGP expands with six new teams

    When Formula One admitted four new teams a couple of years ago (and subsequently eliminated one before the season even started) it was a revolutionary expansion. Now its two-wheeled equivalent is looking to follow a similar path. The MotoGP series – widely viewed as the pinnacle of ...

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    Vyrus 986 M2 to hit the streets, blow our minds in September

    We've been salivating over the Vyrus 986 M2 since last weekend, whic is when the bike took a bow in Verona. Beyond the non-traditional design, heaps of carbon fiber and hub-centric steering, the weapon is bound to be pull-your-eyelids-off fast thanks to its svelte curb weight of just 297 pounds. ...

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    Moto2 rider Shoya Tomizawa killed in San Marino Grand Prix crash

    Less than a week after 13-year-old Peter Lenz was killed in a crash at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, another motorcyclist's life has been claimed at the track. Shoya Tomizawa was on his 15th lap at the Misano circuit during the San Marino Grand Prix when he apparently lost control of his Moto2 ...

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    Moto Dominos: Nine riders go down in Moto2, race restarted [w/video]

    Moto2 crash at Jerez – Click above to watch the video after the break
    The very same properties that make oil perfect for lubricating the high-speed engine internals inside racing vehicles makes it extremely dangerous on the actual racing surface. No shock there... we all know oil is ...

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    Honda tapped to supply racing bike engines for new Moto2 series

    Could things be turning around for Honda's racing department? The Japanese industrial giant began canceling its motorsport programs one by one when things took a turn for the worse economically, but after withdrawing from the AMA Road Racing motorbike series a few months ago, Honda is getting back ...


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