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Mother is a well-respected ad agency with offices in London, New York and Buenos Aires. Another noteable detail about Mother is that Pernilla Ammann is a partner and COO of Mother New York. That's important, because Mrs. Ammann's husband is General Motors CFO Dan Ammann. Neither point stands out on its own, but General Motors spent $600,000 with Mother to create webisodes in support of the 100th birthday of Chevrolet, and that's gotten the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commision.


A mother in Tel Aviv had her license revoked by local police when she let her 11-year-old daughter drive her car. Israeli traffic police pulled the car over when they saw a shorter-than-usual driver behind the wheel, and when questioning the mother, she answered that it was a reward for getting a good grade in school. After the child reportedly showed interest in driving, the mother pledged that if the child got an A on her exam, she'd let her drive. Unbelievably, she kept her promise. Police de


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