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There was no shortage of news in the automotive industry this year, but the stories that proved the most popular on the pages of Autoblog may surprise you. Here were our ten most read articles of 2014.

Oh, Internet – you crazy. We throw dozens of stories out into the great unknown each and every day, and while some just sink to the bottom of the ocean, others become hugely popular. Sure, we know that things like the reveal of the new Ford Mustang will be big hits (spoiler alert!), but other times, the popularity of a story absolutely baffles us.

The internet is a beautiful and utterly mind-boggling thing. As long as we've been doing this, we still are absolutely baffled at the fact that seemingly "meh" stories can become total traffic monsters while other posts that strike us as big news will fade away almost immediately. There's almost no logic to most of it. At least, no more logic than the yearly tradition of an automotive website using an image of the incredibly charming Betty White in a compendium of the year's most popular stories

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