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most expensive hot wheels

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    The making of the $140,000 Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary car

    Earlier this week we brought you amazing photos of a Hot Wheel car Mattel valued at $140,000. "WTF?!," is what we heard from a lot of readers who wondered how a $1 toy could possibly be worth more than their entire collections of late-80s Buicks and/or Mustang IIs. We asked similar questions, too, ...

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    $1 Hot Wheels car blinged out to $140,000

    click above for more high-res picsA few years ago, Bruce Pascal paid more than $70,000 for a single Hot Wheels car. The car was an extremely rare rear-loading Beach Bomb with an even more rare pink coat of paint. But it didn't have even a single diamond or ruby, which makes us wonder what Mr. ...


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