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    Russian designer works with Zagato on ZR1-based Iso Rivolta Marella concept

    Iso Rivolta Marella design study – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Front-engine rear-drive aluminum chassis, 640-horsepower supercharged V8 engine, high bang:buck ratio... Chevrolet's Corvette ZR1 has got it all. No wonder it's proving to be such a compelling choice for ...

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    VIDEO: Mirror-finish Audi S5 in Moscow parking garage [w/POLL]

    All Dubai'd out Audi S5 in Moscow - click above image to watch the video
    When we were in Frankfurt last week and saw the mirror-finish Audi R8 we thought we were so darn clever because we came up with the phrase, "All Dubai'd out" to describe its shiny, reflective surfaces. A little etymology if ...

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    Audi R8: The Ultimate Driving Machine?

    Oligarchical Russian BMW R8 - click above image for high-res gallery
    In the pantheon of automotive wrongs, the Slavic hoser behind this "BMW R8" spotted in Moscow is a god. Hang around this car blogging business long enough and you see a lot of terrible things at SEMA. But this thing is almost ...

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    Moscow 2008: Lada shows off C-Cross concept

    Click above for hi-res gallery of the Lada C-Cross conceptThe Moscow Auto Show is underway and Damon's on site with camera in hand. The car you see here is the Lada C-Cross Concept, which looks kinda like a Chinese knock-off of a last-gen Euro Ford Focus with added ground clearance. The C-Cross ...

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    Moscow 2008: The Models of Moscow

    Click above for high-res galleries of models from MoscowWhile Russia's auto industry is certainly not known for the beauty it produces, the country's stock of fashion models seems limitless. Standing next to each vehicle on display at this year's Moscow Motor Show was a maiden who, as you can see ...

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    Bermudavich Triangleski: inordinate number of accidents at Moscow intersection

    Click above to see 15 crashes at the Moscow intersection Every city has at least one: a badly designed intersection with poor visibility that's prone to car accidents. But this one looks like it was laid out by Rasputin. What you see here isn't a snapshot from the set of The Bourne Ultimatum. It's ...

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    Moscow 2008 Preview: Renault Symbol/Thalia

    Click for a hi-res gallery of the Renault Symbol/Thesis As Russia develops into an increasingly important market for many Asian and European carmakers, the Moscow Motor Show is becoming a more important venue. Alongside such new launches as the Lexus LS460 AWD, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Audi RS6 ...

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    Moscow Preview: Lexus to show LS460 AWD

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lexus LS460 AWD.The Moscow International Auto Show is shaping up to be a serious event. Audi is showing off the RS6 sedan, Mazda is bringing a new crossover concept, Mitsubishi will debut the redesigned Pajero Sport and plan on plenty of Lada love to spread ...

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    Moscow under seige of auto arsonist

    click above for gallery of hot, hot heatSince last Thursday, more than 20 cars and trucks in the Russian capital of Moscow have been torched by an elusive car arsonist. Each of the fires is started the same way: flammable materials are pulled from a dumpster, stacked under the vehicle's wheel, ...

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    BMW builds big @$$ ad in Moscow

    In terms of sheer size, Russia is the largest country in the world. That must have something to do with this gargantuan advertisement found in Russia... According to the caption, the surface area measures more than 1.5 acres (billboard haters should stop complaining right about now, as it ...

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    And you thought the Cayenne looked fugly stock...

    Click the image above for a gallery... if you dare. Like driving skills, the unfortunate reality is that good taste doesn't always accompany wealth. There are just too many people out there looking to make the flashiest splash, and it is now confirmed that one more of those yahoos is living in ...

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    Dubious pioneer: Russia's first stolen Maybach

    Picture this, you're stuffing your face full of gourmet food, giving your gullet a real workout, and you look up from your plate just in time to see your Maybach speed by. That last bite sticks in your throat, refusing to budge. Whoever absconded with your über-uglified super S-Class boots ...

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    Audi R8 downed in Moscow

    The Audi R8 isn't even on sale yet in most parts of the globe, but already we've heard of cars going up in flames in Germany and now we have a story about one that's gone amok in downtown Moscow. From the images, it appears the driver lost of control of the car in the wet weather, skidded across ...

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    Rod Millen takes Transsyberia Rally 2007

    Rod Millen has another trophy for the cabinet. Along with co-driver Richard Kelsey, he took first in the Rally Transsyberia which ran the 7,100 kilometers from Moscow, Russia to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia. As Team North America 2, they were driving one of 26 special Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia ...

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    That is one sharp Maserati

    click above pic to view additional images of this one-of-a-kind "Shattered Glass" Maserati Quattroporte var digg_url = ''; They say that the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder, and we're torn between thinking ...

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    Diabolical directions: How to make a left in Moscow and other interesting intersections

    Every city in the world has at least one intersection that its residents avoid at all costs. My commute back in college, for instance, included a seven-way intersection that contained no right angles. We can all thank our lucky stars, however, that we don't live in Moscow and have to make a left ...

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    From Russia with Love: GAZ Tiger-2 debuts at Moscow Motor Show

    Gregory from tipped us off that Russian automaker GAZ unveiled a preproduction version of its Tiger-2 SUV at the Moscow Motor Show recently. The Tiger-2 looks very HUMMER-esque in profile, but has a face only a Russian drunk on vodka could love. And, are those... plastic wheel covers? ...

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    Beach beauties in Moscow lead to boosted cars

    The last thing you expect when exiting your vehicle to witness a group of women stripping down and washing each other on the beach is for someone to jack your car, but that's exactly what dozens of Russian motorists encountered recently in Moscow thanks to a creative group of car thieves. The heist ...

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    Infiniti launches in Russia

    Infiniti is at this year's Moscow International Auto show, marking the launch of Nissan's luxury brand in Russia. When word first broke back in March, the only details we knew were that there would be two dealers in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg. Now, however, we have the rest of the ...


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