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morgan aeromax

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    Video: Charles Morgan discusses his Aeromax and generally makes us jealous

    Our friends at XCAR were lucky enough to spend some time with Charles Morgan, the managing director of Morgan Motor Company, discussing exactly what makes the company's Aeromax so special. The machine was the company's first modern foray into the ultra high-end market. Morgan only built 100 ...

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    Report: Morgan hits record sales in 2009, targets even higher for 2010

    Morgan Aero SuperSports – Click above for high-res image gallery
    They don't build 'em like they used to, you say? Well Morgan does. And now they're building more of them than ever. So while the rest of the industry was looking at lots full of back stock and factory closures, Autocar ...

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    Morgan to celebrate centennial with Aeromax SuperSports debut at Villa d'Este debut

    Morgan Aero Super Sports – Click above for a high-res gallery
    Ahead of its debut at this weekend's gorgeousness that is the Villa d'Este "Carnival of the Rich," British stalwart Morgan is previewing its new Aero Super Sports, its latest aluminum-chassis'd roadster.Like some of its more ...

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    Design Study: Morgan Space looks better than the real thing

    Click above for more shots of the Morgan Space design study
    Morgan seems to relish its past; so much so that it still builds cars with frames hewn from ash wood. How could such a company move forward with its designs while giving a clear nod to its history? May we suggest getting in contact with ...

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    Morgan AeroMax enters limited production

    Considering how often Morgan radically changes the design of their vehicles, the company has shown up rather often on our pages as of late. Last week, the Morgan LifeCar was shown in Geneva, and while we are impressed by the concept that the enigmatic British company was able to crank out, the ...


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