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morgan aero supersports

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    Video: Jay Leno's garage takes Morgan Aero SuperSports for a spin

    Morgan Aero SuperSports – Click above to view the video after the jump
    Who better to introduce Jay Leno to the new Morgan Aero SuperSports than company founder Harry Morgan's grandson, Charles Morgan? He stops by the garage to show Jay this latest limited edition, built to celebrate ...

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    Report: Morgan hits record sales in 2009, targets even higher for 2010

    Morgan Aero SuperSports – Click above for high-res image gallery
    They don't build 'em like they used to, you say? Well Morgan does. And now they're building more of them than ever. So while the rest of the industry was looking at lots full of back stock and factory closures, Autocar ...

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    Monterey 2009: Limited edition Morgan Aero SuperSports appears stateside

    Morgan Aero SuperSports – Click above for a high-res gallery
    Another year, another boutique automaker showing off another limited edition morsel of automotive hotness at Gordon McCall's Motorworks Revival, aka The Jet Center Party. This time it happened to be Morgan, the century-old ...


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