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    Video: Nevada now allowing motorcycles to run red lights legally

    As of next Tuesday, October 1, motorcyclists, cyclists, moped and tri-wheel riders in Nevada will be legally allowed to run red lights under one condition: there is no other traffic around, and they have waited at the light through two red-light cycles. When light sensors under the road don't ...

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    Video: Watch a horde of mopeds ride the Alps

    Red Bull, patron of all things slightly mental, has organized a gathering of moped enthusiasts in Switzerland for the past three years. The attendees don't just sit around and gawk at each other's machines, though. The Red Bull Alpenbrevet is an 82-mile rally, and the course forces participants ...

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    Video: How to successfully cross the road in Vietnam

    A Vietnamese crosswalk is a great place for motorized transportation, especially when it's of the two-wheeled variety. It's not, however, a great place for people. Still, the brave soul in the video posted after the jump understands how to tackle this dangerous obstacle course. Slowly, ...

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    VIDEO: Obligatory Michael Jackson Post - Rare Suzuki Love commercials

    1982 Suzuki Love commercials featuring Michael Jackson -- Click above to watch the videos
    Michael Jackson's memorial service is being held today in Los Angeles (apparently sponsored by local Land Rover dealers). For a reminder of who the man was pre-Thriller and where all of this got started, few ...

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    What to do when high gas prices turn your Dream Cruise into a nightmare

    To some, the Woodward Dream Cruise is a heavenly celebration of America's love affair with the automobile. Just driving down Woodward these last few days has made people feel like the cars they're driving are a little bit cooler, the music they're cranking is a little bit better and the style ...


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