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    ETC: NASA invites students to design future Moonbuggy prototypes [w/video]

    There are a lot of awards handed out at the Great Moonbuggy Race, from 'Most Improved' to 'Crash and Burn,' but the one every team wants is the first-place trophy. This year was the 20th year of the annual event, held at the US Space & Rocket Center under the auspices of NASA, Lockheed ...

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    Video: Mooning spectator causes New Zealand rally crash

    Mark Tapper under the full moon – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Let's take a moment for quick lesson in target fixation courtesy of New Zealand rally driver Mark Tapper. Earlier this month, Tapper was participating the Rally New Zealand in his WRC Mitsubishi Evo. From the looks ...

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    The Luna Desk by Pininfarina

    If – and we'll stress the word "if" – you've spent a couple hundred grand for a beautifully-crafted Pininfarina-designed work of functional aluminum art to sit parked outside your office, what's another thirteen grand for one to sit in your office? The Pininfarina Luna Desk has a base ...

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    Nissan Moon city-car concept

    Designer Robert Hoffmann drew up this Nissan concept for an auto magazine. The futuristic conveyance is not intended for production, but it's an interesting exercise just the same. The oversized rear wheels are slanted inward, and move backward for highway cruising, optimizing space when retracted ...


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