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Elon Does An About Face On Sales Figures

Tesla delivered 10,030 vehicles in the first three months of 2015, as announced in the company's first-ever quarterly sales report.

After plateauing earlier this year, US green car sales are settling into a steady pattern of chalking up year-over-year increases in the 30 percent to 50 percent range. Last month, Toyota and Ford both sold their hybrids to a broader range of customers. Plug-in vehicle sales also received a boost after the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in, Nissan Leaf and Toyota RAV4 EV battery-electrics and Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion Energi and Ford C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrids all set monthly sales records

Americans appear to be re-embracing their inner tree-hugger, as the growth in US green-car sales again accelerated last month. July ended up having the second-fastest growth rate of the year.

Small car and light truck sales carried industry

Pickup trucks led the charge in July, but strong sales of small cars show that demand for new vehicles is broad - and not slowing down.

Reporting sales-weighted Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) on a monthly basis is apparently too confusing for consumers. Therefore, Hyundai has to decided to add in some more accurate fuel economy numbers to the monthly mix.

NOTE: Since there were 27 selling days in June 2007 versus 26 in June 2006, the percentages below represent the change in Daily Average Sales rate for each automaker and not the change in raw number of units sold.

General Motors continues its turnaround by posting a 4.7% increase in sales last month versus last year, bolstered mostly by the 68.6% increase at Saturn and a strong showing from GMC (8.6%) and Pontiac (13.7%). Likewise, Toyota contiues its positive growth with an increase of 10.9% for the brand and 9.7% for the company including Lexus. The gain by Toyota put it ahead of Ford as the No. 2 best-selling automaker in the U.S. last month. Ford, meanwhile, saw sales dip by 10.4%, which it claims is

Sorry for the delay in getting to the numbers this month, but we spent all day Friday travelling back from the LA Auto Show when each automaker was releasing its results for November. The big news over which the mainstream media seems to be laboring is that Toyota Motor Company outsold Ford Motor Company last month. Not only that, but the Toyota brand also outsold Blue Oval badged vehicles and came within about a thousand units of outselling Chevrolet to nearly become the most popular auto brand

The October sales figure for nearly every manufacturer are out, and as you can see, there's a lot of little green arrows below. The stellar performances this month are most likely due to the fact that last year this time is when the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita combined with the end of big incentives depressed sales across the industry. A win's a win, though, and the winners for the month include all the multi-brand automakers save for BMW and its MINI brand. The whole of General Motor

The numbers for July have rolled in and we bet most manufacturers wish they would roll right back out. Of the 34 brands that have reported their July sales so far, 22 are reporting a drop in monthly sales versus the same period last year.

Most of the numbers for the month of June are in, and as you can see the red arrows outnumber the green ones yet again. Eighteen out of the 39 automakers below are reporting a rise in June sales over the same period last year. The 25.9% drop in sales by General Motors has attracted the most attention so far, but the General's performance, along with FoMoCo falling 6.9% and the Chrysler Group dropping 15%, can largely be attributed to the successful summer sales drive of 2005 that artificially in

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