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17Nashville considering Monorail along I-24 to ease traffic congestion

Fans of The Simpsons will remember a long-ago episode (from 1993, to be exact) where an out-of-town huckster tries to sell the citizens of Springfield on the idea of forking over their money to build a monorail. And there was a bunch of singing involved. Now, Music City could start singing the same tune, according to Wired.

AddMore on the TriTrack, an Auto X-Prize contender, sort of

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AddMonorail + Automobile = MonoMobile

A couple of Cincinnati-area men believe they may have solved mankind's transportation problems by combining the strengths of an ultralight electric car with those of a monorail. The plan, developed by Jay Andress and Andy Webster, is to use the small electric cars for short distances about town. When you need to go out to the exurbs or to another city, using the wheels attached to your roof, you connect yourself to the monorail. While you're autonomously whisked away to your predetermined destin

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