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8Suzuki EXTRIGGER concept makes a monkey of electric motorcycles

Small is big, monkey bikes are the new black. After years of being relegated to cob-webbed tales told by speckled-bearded men that begin with "Back when we was kids..." (and typically involving a Honda Z50 soaring skyward to miraculous heights), the petite low-power/high-fun concept is making a comeback. The latest sign of this renaissance is the battery-powered Suzuki EXTRIGGER concept due to be exhibited at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, kicking off November 22rd.

AddHonda: bring back the Cub!

Do you remember the Honda Cub? Using only 50ccs of power, this is the vehicle that established Honda as a player in the American market. Long before Honda was making cars, they were turning out little scooters and motorcycles which got excellent gas mileage. In some parts of the world, you can still make your way down to the local Honda dealer and buy a Honda 50 new. Unfortunately, here in the States, this is not the case... leading many to turn to eBay - where Honda 50s, 70s and 90s can be pick

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