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AddNissan New Mobility Concept is "perfect even for mom" [w/video]

Nissan is taking the careful approach as it brings out its second electric vehicle. To show off the car's practicality, Nissan gave seven moms in suburban Japan the chance to test drive the New Mobility Concept vehicle to see how it works transporting their kids, going shopping and running errands. The Tokyu Corp. has joined with Nissan and the city of Yokohama for the Yokohama Mobility Project Zero, which was designed to increase low-carbon transportation locally.

408Video: Impaired Mom Leaves 5-Week-Old Baby On Roof Of Car

Infant fell off in intersection, but is miraculously unharmed

A five-week-old baby was lucky to survive after his mom left him dead in the middle of a Phoenix intersection, according to police. Even more astonishing is how the boy got there.

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