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    Moller developing flying Ferrari 599 GTB... seriously

    Click above for more shots of the Moller Autovolanter concept
    The lure of the flying car is just too great for Moller International, a company best known for its SkyCar prototype and not actually producing a real flying vehicle for sale despite being around for some 25 years. Its latest tease is ...

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    Moller Skycar makes it on eBay

    When we first reported on the Moller M400 Skycar auction a couple of weeks ago, we speculated that you would need a pilot's license in addition to the $4 million reserve price. Well, the flying car has finally reached the pages of eBay and we have more of the specifics for you. As many of us ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Moller SkyCar

    The McLaren F1, Koenigsegg CCX and Bugatti Veyron all held claim to the worlds fastest car title for at least a short time, by they ain't got nothin' on the Moller M400. Moller M400? Yeah, the Moller M400. It isn't just inching past them either. It will literally fly past these three supercars like ...

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    BusinessWeek taking bets on the car of tomorrow

    Predicting the path of the automotive industry in the long run is nigh impossible, as the technologies we will find ourselves beholden to in fifty years haven't even been invented yet, that is, of course, assuming a robot army hasn't staged a world coup before then. BusinessWeek is the latest to ...

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    Gridlock got you down? Put a Skycar under the Christmas tree

    Always looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything, Neiman Marcus has put the ultimate commuter vehicle in this year's catalog - the Moller M400 Skycar. The ethanol-fueled Skycar is said to be capable of speeds over 350 mph, and gets 21 mpg. The Skycar has been ...


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