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modular standard platform

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    Rumormill: Will Porsche be forced to use next-gen Audi R8 platform for Ferrari 458 rival?

    In 2010, Porsche and Audi were both understood to be vying for the chance to provide future sports car platforms for the entire Volkswagen Group. Not to take anything away from Audi, but few would be surprised to learn that Porsche was chosen for the task. It seems that Porsche had plans for the ...

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    Porsche, not Audi, will build sports car platforms for VW

    Volkswagen BlueSport Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There was said to be some tussling going on between Porsche and Audi over which brand would provide the platform for the Volkswagen Group's future sports cars. A report in Automobilwoche declares that Porsche is the ...


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