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    Childhood Redeemed: Lego artist creates jaw-dropping four-wheeled creations

    Firas Abu-Jaber's Lego cars - click above for a high-res gallery
    This is how you tell the master from the journeyman: Give them a common task, place the same tools in each of their hands, and while journeyman's results will be acceptable, the master's results will be amazing. Firas Abu-Jaber has a ...

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    Can the Tesla Model S be profitable at $57,400? Not according to these calculations...

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Tesla Motors' charismatic frontman, Elon Musk, will be showing up on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight to dazzle America's TV audience with his gorgeous all-electric sedan. Tesla says that when the Model S goes on sale at an ...

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    VIDEO: Tesla CEO 99 percent sure of DOE loan, calls NYT writer "a huge douchebag"

    Since it was announced that the highly quotable Bob Lutz would be departing from his General Motors management spotlight, automotive bloggers and reporters everywhere have been mourning the loss of an executive with such an exquisite way with words. Now it appears that the pining may have been ...

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    Tesla CEO vows to personally refund deposits if there's an "Armageddon scenario"

    Here's Tesla's Elon Musk, speaking in March (and just published in Car and Driver):

    Even in the worst case of an Armageddon scenario, I'll personally refund people [their money] if need be. While the U.S. federal government needs to step in and guarantee the warranties for General Motors and ...

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    Tesla Model S gets over 500 reservations in first week

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's been barely a week since the curtain was lifted on the Tesla Model S, and not only has its design received positive reviews, those sensuous lines have seduced 520 people to fork over some deposit cash for the new all-electric sedan. ...

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    Tesla Model S: $50,000 EV sedan seats seven, 300-mile range, 0-60 in 5.5s

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's been a long and difficult road, but Tesla Motors has made it to unveiling No. 2. After a lot of hype and delivery of 250 Tesla Roadsters, the company's Model S was unveiled today in Hawthorne, California. Tesla was incredibly ...

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    Leak! Tesla Model S pics surface on web ahead of today's debut

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Tesla has a big media event planned today at 12PM PST to unveil the new Model S sedan. That plan has been blow out of the water a bit thanks to social media mogul Kevin Rose, the founder of, who has uploaded what appear to be a ...

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    Tesla Model S will cost under $50,000 after tax breaks

    Click above to enlarge Tesla Model S teaser
    When Tesla formally announced the Model S Sedan last June, the MSRP bandied was about $60,000 for the all-electric sedan. In its newsletter today, Tesla has confirmed that the "anticipated base price" for the Model S will be $57,400. With a federal tax ...

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    Chicago 2009: City of big shoulders... and big smiles

    Click above to view our gallery of booth professionals from Chicago
    It was only a matter of time before we got around to posting our beautiful people gallery from the Chicago Auto Show. Models have been pretty scarce at all of the major shows this year, and this year's Chi-town extravaganza was ...

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    Detroit 2009: Motor City guys and dolls....but mostly dolls

    Click above for a gallery of high-res pics of some of the faces from Detroit '09
    There are lots of people here in Detroit for the NAIAS, and there are lots of moments that have little to do with the cars themselves. So we figured we'd do a roundup gallery to show you some of the personal moments ...

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    We want Limited Edition Dodge Challenger sculptures

    Click above for image gallery of the Bend Rod Garage Challenger sculptures
    We've come to that time of year when hear sentences that sound like this: "You wanted X (insert obscenely out-of-reach gift here), but that didn't work out so let us present Y!" And Y is always some little tchotchke that ...

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    Tesla Model S sedan could have swappable battery pack

    There are three main obstacles to making electric cars a viable alternative to those powered by internal combustion engines: the weight, cost and range of the batteries. Internal combustion engines have range limits based on the size of their fuel tank, but it only takes a few minutes to dump 10-15 ...

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    Tesla secures $40 million in financing

    Click above for a high res gallery of the Tesla Roadster v1.5
    Despite recent negative news surrounding Tesla Motors, the all-electric automaker has just secured $40 million in financing to move forward with ramping up production of its battery-powered sports car, the Tesla Roadster. It was just ...

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    Tesla not planning SUV based on Model S platform

    Two big British car magazines are reporting on some of Tesla's future product plans today following the latest promotional tour by SVP Marketing Darryl Siry. There isn't a whole lot new in the articles that hasn't already been reported here and on AutoblogGreen over the past year, but there were a ...

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    Tesla confirms Model S sedan, 225-mile range and $60k

    California Governator and (soon-to-be) Tesla Roadster owner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, addressed the seething throngs of media types at Tesla's San Carlos, California facility. The topics of conversation centered on new incentives for Tesla to continue its production of vehicles in the Golden State, ...

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    Tokyo Motor Show: Models of a different sort

    Click above picture to view complete galleryAfter all the excitement of official reveals had passed and car company execs had gone back to their hotels, the lovely models of the Tokyo Motor Show were always around to brighten up a background. This year's standouts from last week's show were the ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: Fräuleins of Frankfurt

    click above image to view gallery of high-res pics var digg_url = ''; The auto industry is no dummy, and it realizes the best way to get the attention of sleep-deprived auto journalists, who often happen to be male, is to display ...

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    Volvo planning major lineup changes

    Automotive News is dishing on Volvo's product lineup plans between now and 2010. The newly released second-generation S80 won't see any major changes, nor will the new 70-series wagons, the C70, or the C30. The S40's going to bid us adieu, as there's price overlap with the S60, and the S60's not ...

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    All about Audi: Every 2008 US model and alteration

    Audi of America yesterday released details of its full lineup of 2008 models, along with the changes that will accompany them. The details include the fact that the A4 and A6 series will get the S-Line treatment as standard. There are also two new packages, Titanium and Audi Exclusive, with ...

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    Shanghai Motor Show: Girls of Shanghai Gallery

    click above image to view more model pics from the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show var digg_url = ''; Whether it's the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris, or the Shanghai Motor ...


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