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    Mobiado and Aston Martin show how phone and car can get along beautifully

    With all the trinkets and gizmos we pack onto ourselves before we leave the house, do we really need a physical car key? Aston Martin clearly doesn't think so. The British purveyor of luxury GTs was among the first to replace the key ignition with a push-button. Then the company teamed up with its ...

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    Vertu prances back in with a new Ferrari-branded mobile phone

    You remember Vertu, don't you? The upmarket Nokia division makes a range of luxury mobile phones for the jet-setting crowd, and back a few years ago, they were cranking out what seemed like an endless stream of special editions connected in some manner or another to cars. Whether it was the ...

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    REPORT: NY cracking down on cabbies using cell phones - only took 10 years

    It's hard to believe, but cab drivers in New York City are prohibited by law from talking on cell phones, with or without headsets. That doesn't seem to stop them, says the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission. Citing phone-related accident statistics, the commission is now proposing more ...

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    Gresso takes its cues from F1 with new Grand Monaco phone

    Gress Grand Monaco – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If Vertu thought they had the market for four-figure carbon fiber cell phones all to themselves, they can think again as Russia's high-end electronics firm Gresso has announced the new Grand Monaco. Not only is Gresso's latest ...

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    Upwardly Mobile: Ferrari edition Motorola Z8

    From its headquarters in Maranello, Ferrari has traditionally operated two divisions: one that makes exquisite road cars, and another that competes in motorsports. More recently, however, a third division has emerged, with the responsibility of conducting the company's ever-increasing marketing ...

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    Porsche's newest model: the Porsche Design P'9521

    It's a luxury-branded world we live in, and for some people, life, love, and mobile reception are just a little bit better when your cell phone comes from a high-end car maker. Ferrari's got Motorola, Lamborghini's got Nokia, Mercedes has Asus, and now Porsche Design, a subsidiary of the actual ...

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    Porsche Cayenne phone looks worse than actual Cayenne

    Even Porsche lovers will readily acknowledge that the Cayenne is far from being the most beautiful creations ever penned by Stuttgart, so why on earth would anyone want to mimic the shape in any form? Someone in Hong Kong evidently thought otherwise and produced this (hopefully) limited-edition ...

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    Vertu rides the Prancing Horse

    Vertu has long been cultivating an image of association with the pinnacle of automotive excellence through their branding, use of materials and special editions. The latest effort is a collaboration with Ferrari, that Italian stallion that seemingly manages to get its name on everything these ...

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    Autoblog hearts mobile phones: rolls out WAP site

    Do us a quick favor. Take out your web-enabled phone, tap in and hit enter. Voila! Notice anything different, like a load time under ten minutes perhaps? Hmm... that formatting looks spot on, too. That's because the intrepid development team at Weblogs, Inc. has rolled out ...

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    Green on the go - a true trailer park

    What you see here sprouted from the imagination of Dutch artist Kevin van Braak. It's a towable trailer that when opened reveals an elevated grassy park with wild flowers and a fire pit. Why on earth would anyone create this trailer park? Well, van Braak is one of those artsy types, and ...


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