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    Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart gear up to swap cars at The Glen

    It's been several decades since Formula 1 has visited Watkins Glen, but the high-pitched scream of a modern grand prix racer is set to return there this summer for a special demonstration. As we initially reported back in February, Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart will be swapping keys for the ...

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    Oil Painting: Lewis Hamilton rendered in used Mobil 1

    Components from F1 cars – especially championship-winning F1 cars – don't go to waste. Collectors eagerly snap them up and put them on display as fast as the teams will release them. But in this case, the motor oil from Lewis Hamilton's title-winning McLaren-Mercedes MP4-24 was used to ...

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    Exxon Mobil exiting gas station business

    With gas prices as high as they are, it might seem hard to believe that some gas companies aren't profitable, but apparently Exxon Mobil isn't doing as well as they might wish. The company just announced that it will be selling off its gas stations for financial reasons. We suspect that the ...

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    ExxonMobil earns record $39.5 billion in 2006

    The oil empire that is ExxonMobil generated $39.5 Billion in profits in 2006 by providing to us the one thing we need most, good old-fashioned oil. A big reason for what amounts to the largest profit ever in U.S. history is the $3 per gallon gasoline that ruined our love for SUVs and trucks last ...

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    HSV Maloo R8 Ute breaks production pickup truck speed record

    If your slow-ass pickup truck is making you late for work, perhaps Holden's HSV tuner division can offer a solution in the form of the Maloo R8 Ute. With 400 HP courtesy of a General Motors GenIV LS2 small-block V8, the almost-a-truck ran a two-way average of 168.66 MPH on a ...

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    Chevron realizes 49 percent profit increase in first quarter

    High gasoline prices have to be good for someone, and in news that will shock few, those fortunate men and women appear to work for Big Oil. Chevron, America's second largest oil company announced Friday that its first-quarter profits hit four billion dollars, a dramatic 49 percent increase over ...


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