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    Report: Lincoln pushing for access to next-gen Ford Mustang platform

    Don't get ahead of yourselves: This is not yet another Lincoln-badged Mustang rumor post, the likes of which seem to crop up every few years. Instead, Ford's wayward luxury division is reportedly hoping to gain access to the bits and pieces that will underpin the next-generation pony car – ...

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    New 2010 Lincoln MKS with EcoBoost to start at $47,760*

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lincoln MKS with EcoBoost
    We hope to have our very first driving impressions of Ford's new EcoBoost powertrain technology for you later today, but in the meantime, the Blue Oval has just announced that the first vehicle to rely on EcoBoost motivation, the ...

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    Lincoln returning to RWD, too

    Not that they ever left, but Lincoln's not going to pull what Cadillac tried in the '90s, switching its entire lineup to FF chassis. Derrick Kuzak, Ford's Lutz, has intimated to Car & Driver that rear wheel drive remains part of Lincoln's plans, and that there's a new FR car under development. ...

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    Ford likely won't use "Twin Force" name despite its kickassedness

    When we saw the Lincoln MKR at the Detroit Auto Show, we were every bit as excited about the high-tech twin-turbo V6 as we were the sleek-looking RWD sedan. Even the "Twin Force" name given to the hopped-up powerplant struck us as cool. While Ford doesn't necessarily disagree that Twin Force is a ...

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    A Deeper Look Into the Lincoln Brand: Reviving or Dying?

    The Lincoln MKR may be a key ingredient to reviving Lincoln A night at the Ford theater: The Lincoln brand has been on a streak that 's been seldom duplicated over the last 10 years. Of course, we all know that the streak has been a bad one. Terrible, in fact. Sales have gone from well over 200k ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: A conversation with Peter Horbury

    Peter Horbury is responsible for the design strategy and execution of all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products in North America. At this year's Detroit Auto Show, one of the unquestioned stars on the floor was the stunning 400-horsepower Lincoln MKR. We sat down with Peter in Detroit to talk about ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Lincoln MKR rolls into the spotlight

    After the Lincoln MKR found its way to center stage inside the Cobo Arena here in Detroit, Peter Horbury (Ford's North American design chief) stepped out of the Lincoln with the gait of a proud man. Now, that could be just because he avoided the task of explaining Ford's Airstream concept (J Mays ...

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    Why no suicide doors on the Lincoln MKR?

    Thanks to the 1961 Continental, one of the first things many car fans imagine when they hear "classic Lincoln" is suicide doors. Therefore it's only logical we'd come to expect them on any signature Lincoln show car. The 2002 Continental concept had them, and so did the 2003 Navicross concept. So ...

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    Video of Lincoln MKR Concept joins embargoed material on the web

    click images to enlargeThis past week has been absolutely crazy with all the embargoes that have been broken. The result has been a flood of concepts meant to be kept secret until their debut in Detroit being introduced to the public way ahead of schedule. The one that's caused the biggest stir so ...


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