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    AUCTION ACTION: Before there were ugly Lambos, there was...

    Before there were the Lamborghinis of today, who's styling is an acquired taste, there were cars that were universally acknowledged as strikingly handsome. Now, you can own a piece of Lambo history and get one of the last not-so-hideous Lambos before they put all their chips behind the Countach and ...

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    eBay find of the Day: Lambo Miura S

    eBay is simply the best place in the world to do your holiday shopping. Not only can you find electronics, DVDs, clothes, gourmet food, and just about anything else on your wishlist, but there is the eBay Motors area that offers up a helping or two of automotive wish fulfillment on a regular basis. ...

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    Rumor: Production possibility for the Lamborghini Miura?

    Pistonheads claims that they've been hearing rumors from sources they trust that Lamborghini is planning to greenlight the Miura as a limited-production halo car, a la the Enzo, Carrera GT, SLR, etc. If the rumor becomes reality, the thought is that Lambo would use the architecture from the ...

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    Lamborghini Bullish on Goodwood

    The updates on who's bringing what to this weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed continue to come in, the latest being from Automobili Lamborghini. In the Cartier Style et Luxe paddock, examples of the utterly breathtaking classic Lamborghini Miura (above) will be on display. They'll be joined by ...

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    Mission Impossible 3 premiere turns into Lamborghini Cruise-in

    Alright, so we’ve probably pegged our Tom Cruise quota for the month. That said, who can pass up on a star-laden train of 10 Lamborghinis? The Italian supercar is set to make a prominent appearance in Mission Impossible 3, what is likely to be one of this summer’s highest-profile ...

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    Lamborghini Miura update

    In October we had posted a report that Lamborghini had plans to build a new Miura though no timetable has been given. Well, this article at Motortorque seems to confirm that the Italian automaker is hiring on designers to pen the classic supercar in modern clothing. We know the new vehicle will be ...


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