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13Mitsuoka manages to make Orochi even weirder with Evangelion edition

Sports cars don't come more bizarre than the ungainly Mitsuoka Orochi. We thought we were rid of the puckered-face, Toyota-powered Japanese oddity when Mitsuoka revealed the Final Edition earlier this year, but it seems the Orochi has a little more left to give of its awkwardness, as you can see from this latest Evangelion edition.

15Mitsuoka Orochi marks the end of the ugly with Final Edition

Think of Mitsu and you're bound to think of Japanese cars, but Mitsubishi isn't the only one. Lesser known is Mitsuoka, a small automaker based in Toyama that mostly rebodies existing Japanese cars to look like old English ones. Its most outlandish creation, though, is surely the low-slung Orochi. And now the model appears to be endings its production cycle.

29Mitsuoka Orochi now available to rent in Osaka

Mitsuoka Orochi Premium Gold – Click above for high-res image gallery

39Mitsuoka Orochi gets the Premium Gold treatment

Mitsuoka Orochi Premium Gold – Click above for high-res image gallery

34REPORT: Mitsuoka to offer unique rental cars in Japan, also plans to sell in China

Mitsuoka Orochi - Click above for high-res image gallery

25Japanese can now buy Mitsuoka Orochi for less

click above for plenty more images of the Mitsuoka Orochi

37Mitsuoka Orochi specs, pricing announced

Japanese automaker Mitsuoka has revealed the production version of it's unique-looking mid-engined Orochi sports car, along with the car's production plans, pricing, and specifications. The Orochi, named for an eight-headed serpent out of Japanese folklore, first appeared as a 2001 concept car, and from the looks of things, the production vehicle stays very true to the concept. The Orochi was introduced at a press conference that opened with a Kabuki show (above right), during which a white exam

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