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39Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will live through 2015

If it were only so easy for humans. Mitsubishi has extended the life of the Lancer Evolution X by at least a year. An MMNA spokesperson tells AutoGuide that it is "committed to introducing the 2015 model year Lancer Evolution," noting that production for said models will begin in July. This gives us a year of clarity about the future of a model whose future blinks in and out of existence quicker than a boson particle.

119Mitsubishi ready to pull Evo's plug

We have all manner of unofficial metrics in the auto industry. No doubt you've heard some of them, like the butt dyno. Another popular measure is the smiles-per-dollar index - how entertaining is a car versus its price. Cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Scion FR-S and Mini Cooper S, for example, score quite highly, while vehicles like the BMW M5 or Audi RS7 are great to drive, but score lower because of their much higher price tags. For a long time, the king of the smiles-per-dollar index was argu

43Mitsubishi developing new standalone hybrid Evo successor

Mention the name Mitsubishi to different people and you'll likely get two startling different images. Environmentalists will focus on the company's strides in developing EVs, while performance enthusiasts will point you toward the Lancer Evolution. The prevailing wisdom was that Mitsubishi would cancel the latter to concentrate on the former, but the latest intel suggests that the two will be reconciled with a new Evo around the corner.

48Limited-edition Mitsubishi 311RS Evo X coming to Minneapolis Auto Show [w/video]

It's not terribly often that we have news to report coming out ahead of the Minneapolis Auto Show. We say that not to disparage the Twin Cities, which are lovely, but new product reveals are few and far between for the show. This year, however, it seems that event will play host to the debut of a rather special limited edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. Though not coming directly from the Mitsu factory, we think the 311RS shows loads of potential for Evo fanatics.

18Mitsubishi Evo XI to get diesel hybrid powertrain in 2014

At one time, Mitsubishi was close to axing the Evo XI completely, a move that would've crushed the dreams of automotive enthusiasts across the globe. Terminating the Evo was not in Mitsubishi's cards, but stringent emissions regulations were catching up on the hallowed all-wheel-drive, tarmac-terrorizing machine.

22Did Mitsubishi cancel EVO to focus on electric vehicles?

Mitsubishi has lit a fire under the enthusiast community by announcing that the automaker is planning to send the Evolution out to pasture in order to focus solely on electric vehicle and hybrid development. Currently, the Evolution is an all-wheel drive terror best suited for locking horns with the Subaru WRX STI, and while rumors had arisen that the Japanese automaker was working on a new hybrid system for the vehicle, Gauy Eusegi, the company's global product director, effectively put those w

63Cause to keep Mitsubishi Evo alive and pure pops up on the web

Speculation surrounding the Mitsubishi Evolution has reached a fever pitch over the last few days. Has the Lancer Evolution reached the end of the line? Is Mitsubishi going to produce a new version that utilizes a hybrid powertrain? We don't have an answer, but we do know that fans of the Evo are scared. The object of their affection has potentially met its demise. In an effort to show how much the car would be missed, a group of Evo-lovers have banded together to show support for the car they s

17Video: Japanese comedians don't take well to ice drifting

Drifting on ice causes facial distortion in some passengers – Click above to watch video after the jump

52Video: Mitsubishi Evo can't be tamed by dyno

Mitsubish Evo dyno disaster – Click above to watch video after the jump

25Mitsubishi to transform Evo XI into diesel hybrid beast

Mitsubishi Evo X – Click above for high-res image gallery

9Motor Trend details 2013 Mitsubishi Evolution XI's plug-in electric drivetrain

Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV – Click above for high-res image gallery

18Motor Trend details 2013 Mitsubishi Evolution XI's plug-in electric drivetrain

Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV – Click above for high-res image gallery

24VIDEO: Fifth Gear pits Ford Focus RS vs. Mitsubishi Evo X

Click above to watch the video after the jump

30Top Gear Preview: Clarkson and company destroy Mitsubishi Evo on army base

Jeremy Clarkson kills a Mitsubishi Evo – Click above for high-res gallery

11Tokyo Auto Salon: Mitsubishi Evolution X gets tuner love in Japan

Click the image above for more shots of Tokyo Auto Salon's assortment of Evos.

28C&D first to drive the slower but faster Mitsubishi Evo GSR

Our pulpy friends over at 2002 Hogback Road have gotten their hands on the latest version of Mitsubishi's Evo, the Evo X. Car and Driver's November 2007 issue has a preview of the Evo X, and they found that while the new car gives up speed to the outgoing model in a drag race, it kicks it in the teeth if curves are on the menu. Any car that can run a 13.8-second quarter mile is not slow, anyway. Consider that you get that kind of speed for a base price of $30,000, and 295 horsepower from two-lit

18Mitsubishi's new WRX-rival Ralliart caught testing

Everyone's attention so far has been on the Evo, but the AWD turbocharged terror won't be the only hot Lancer model in Mitsubishi's updated fleet. Previous reports suggested that a cheaper WRX-rival was in the works, complete with a turbocharged engine and AWD configuration, and this latest Ralliart prototype spotted in California's Death Valley seems to back up those reports.

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