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mitsubishi ek wagon

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    Mitsubishi kei cars "Bloom" for Japan's ladies

    Click image for photo galleryWhen you boil away everything else, the core elements of the new "Bloom Edition" Mitsubishi kei cars are their Sakura Pink paint; light-colored, water-resistant seat fabrics; and makeup mirrors. Yes, there are other colors available, and we're sure some of the Japanese ...

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    Spawn of eK: New Nissan Otti released in Japan

    Nissan Otti RiderPrior to the release of the latest Mitsubishi eK Wagon, an announcement was made that Mitsu would be supplying Nissan with their own version of the new kei car. No surprise, really, as the previous-gen eK was also sold as the Nissan Otti. Well, the day we all knew was coming has ...

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    Brought to you by the letter Kei: Mitsubishi's new eK Wagon and eK Sport

    New kei cars are fun to cover. The impossibly small yet practical Japanese minicars manage to cram a lot of style and usability into a tight package. Mitsubishi's eK Wagon series has been a strong seller since its introduction in 2001, and the redesigned version (on sale today across Japan) looks ...


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