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    Oops! VW accidentally distributes new Golf Plus brochure in Essen

    It's been no secret that a facelifted VW Golf Plus has been in the works for a while. It's just that the Euro-market hatch wasn't supposed to be formally revealed quite yet. The car will be introduced on Wednesday with the usual fanfare at the Bologna Motor Show, but media at this week's Essen ...

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    Woman exits parking garage through second floor wall

    The photo pretty much tells the story here. A 49-year-old woman, who was reverse parking in a multi-story car park, mixed up the gas and brake pedals and almost ran her car completely through the second floor garage wall - check out the second photo after the jump.Looking like something out of an ...

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    Coattails: Audi gets unintentional boost in Chevy spread

    Call it a value-add of sorts. Perhaps Chevrolet is hoping that some of the goodwill towards Audi amongst enthusiasts will rub off on their HHR. Either that or someone was asleep at the switch. On page 2 of the February 5th issue of Automotive News, a new Chevy ad depicts a tribal-tattoo-patterned ...


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