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    Report: Toyota's Daihatsu recalls over 500,000 minicars over... fading taillamps?

    Daihatsu has announced plans to recalling over 500,000 vehicles in Japan due to taillight lenses that can fade over time. The lenses, originally orange, will bleach white with exposure to the sun, leading to a potential safety risk. As a result, Daihatsu is recalling a total of 435,423 Move ...

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    VIDEO: McLaren F1 crash test

    We get the whole omelet and broken eggs equation, but after seeing all the photos of Enzos wrapped around poles, we still find it hard to wrap our own heads around the notion that someone would take a million-dollar exotic and purposely crash it into a wall. Unfortunately, the realities of safety ...

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    Redesigned Daihatsu Mira is Japan's top fuel miser

    We talk about kei cars whenever we can here on Autoblog because we're fascinated by the little Japanese mini-rides. They manage to be spacious, practical, and even stylish despite the size and power constraints placed on them by Japanese regulations. The newest one to hit dealerships is the 7th-gen ...


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