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27Tesla owners go grassroots to promote their favorite EV in Iowa

Company Might Be Forbidden From Selling Cars, But Fans Can Still Talk To Each Other

A month or so ago, the Iowa Department of Transportation stepped in to prevent Tesla Motors not only from selling the Model S in the state, but even from offering test drives. That move didn't sit right with some people, but it's not stopping the EV-curious in Iowa from learning about the popular electric vehicle thanks to Tesla's dedicated fan base.

25Recharge Wrap-up: Minnesota first to require biodiesel, maglev in Israel, Toyota FCV in Aspen

Isuzu Looking Into Biofuel In Japan

A new Minnesota law that requires biodiesel blends goes into effect in just a few days, says KELO. Diesel drivers in Minnesota will be pumping soybeans into their tank beginning July 1. Every year, diesel will be sold as a B10 blend (ten percent biofuel) from April through August, and will scale back to a cold-hardy B5 blend from September through March. The biofuel largely comes from soybean crops grown within Minnesota, and the biodiesel industry pumps more than $900 million into the state eco

15Minnesota scores first-in-US statewide EV charging discount rate

Filling up your battery in off-peak hours will now be cheaper, by law

The Land of 10,000 Lakes is now No. 1 when it comes to cutting electric-vehicle recharging rates. Minnesota has become the first state in the union to require investor-owned utilities to offer consumers discounted rates for EV charging during off-peak hours. You betcha.

27E85 availability increasing across US, especially outside Midwest

E85. It's not just for flyover states anymore. That could be the newest slogan of the 85-percent ethanol blend now that the biofuel is proliferating in areas other than the Midwestern corn-growing states.

225One In Eight Drivers In Minnesota Do Not Have Valid Licenses

Nearly 310,000 convictions for driving with an invalid driver's license

A fatal November car crash caused by a Minnesota woman who lacked a valid driver's license has spurred questions about how many unlicensed drivers are on state roads.

AddCar2go comes to Minneapolis, goes Livestrong

What about St. Paul? That's what some Minnesotans may be asking after Daimler-owned car-sharing service Car2go announced that it will start service in Minneapolis in September. Car2go is putting 300 Smart Fortwo two-seaters into service in Minneapolis, letting subscribers use and park the cars anywhere within the city's 55 square miles. Car2go is also temporarily waiving its $35 membership fee to get folks in the Land 'o Lakes to sign up. Minnesota is the 11th North American locale, and the firs

16Trucker Saves Crash Victim's Life With Big Rig

A truck driver happened to see an accident and saved a man's life

A man in the right place at the right time – and with the right truck – saved a crash victim's life in Stillwater, Minn. Scott Rosenberg was driving a heavy-duty construction truck when he saw a pickup upside down in a nearby pond. Rosenberg and two other people jumped into action.

AddTesla faces increased dealer opposition to opening stores in Minnesota

Yes, MADA's a little, uh, mad, about the prospect of Tesla Motors opening stores in the Land 'o Lakes. Tesla is facing increased opposition from Minnesota auto dealers to the California-based electric-vehicle maker's plans to open stores in the state, Automotive News reports.

230Road-Rage Incident Ends With Shooting In Police Station Parking Lot

Officers heard shot as they exited building to investigate report of fight

A road-rage altercation between two motorcyclists and a man driving a car north of Minneapolis ended with one man shot in the face. Police in Isanti, Minn. quickly apprehended a suspect – because the shooting took place in the police department parking lot.

1Minnesota Woman Made Wet Nephew Ride In Trunk, Police Say

She feared 11-year-old boy would ruin leather seats in her Lexus, report says

Worried her wet nephew may drip water on the leather seats of her new Lexus on the way home from a nearby waterpark, a Minnesota woman had the boy ride home in the trunk of the car.

10Truck crashing through bar definitely spills a few drinks

Patrons at Gordie's Place in Little Canada, Minnesota are lucky to be alive after a driver crashed her pickup into the bar. Six adults were taken to the hospital, including the driver, who apparently suffered a medical condition while behind the wheel.

67Video: Pickup Truck Slams Into Customers Sitting Inside Minnesota Bar

Six injured when driver experienced medical trouble, according to police

Six people enjoying an afternoon beverage at a Minnesota bar were injured when a pickup truck crashed through the wall. Three people were pinned against the bar.

AddTesla On Ice: Model S Cold Weather Testing [VIDEO]

Tesla's soon-to-be-released Model S may hail from sunny California, but that doesn't mean this EV won't be ready for winter.

AddTesla Model S prowls across the ice and snow

Seeing electric vehicles prance around in the snow is becoming a common occurrence, whether done by journalists, speed demons or EV fans. But we never mind seeing more, especially when it's the Tesla Model S. Tesla engineers took the Model S to the Automotive Enviro Testing center in Baudette, MN this winter when the temperature dropped to between -10 and -15 degrees Fahrenheit. For a few days, they made sure the Model S could weave between some colorful cones on frozen ground. Tesla says t

46Zamboni driver arrested for drunk driving?

A Minnesota man recently found himself too intoxicated to safely operate a Zamboni. Witnesses allege the 39-year-old man was weaving across the rink and smacked into the boards after a PeeWee C game. The rink attendant retreated back into the garage as coaches ushered players and fans away from the scene. By the time the driver parked the Zamboni, authorities were waiting for him. He then failed sobriety tests and was taken to police headquarters for a blood-alcohol test, according to The Duluth

AddMinnesota studying mileage-based user fee to replace gas tax

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN-DOT) is looking to recruit 500 residents of Wright and Hennepin counties to test technology that could eventually be used to collect a mileage-based user fee (MBUF) in lieu of the state's gasoline tax. Cory Johnson, MN-DOT project manager, claims that:

35Report: Despite meeting with governor, Ford set to close Minnesota Ranger plant

2010 Ford Ranger – Click above for high-res image gallery

50Vikings RB Adrian Peterson flagged for going 109 mph

Minnesota Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson – or "Purple Jesus" as he's known to Vikings fans – is one of the fastest men in the NFL. Turns out, he's also one of the fastest men on a certain suburban Minnesota freeway, where police clocked him and his (model unknown) BMW going 109 mph in a 55 mph zone. Oops!

16REPORT: Police auctioning off motorized La-Z-Boy used in DWI

If you've ever had the urge to cruise your neighborhood in a self-propelled La-Z-Boy, your opportunity has arrived. Minnesota resident Dennis Anderson (no relation to the Gravedigger monster truck franchise – we think) has forfeited his notorious motorized, and over-the-top modified, recliner chair involved in his DWI incident and crash recently is going on the eBay auction block later this week.

AddEthanol will get you free parking at Vikings games, sort of

Here's the problem with flex-fuel vehicles. Also known at E85-capable, flexfuel rides can burn straight gasoline or a gasoline/ethanol blend that is up to 85 percent ethanol. But, since they don't need ethanol, the reality is that most people fill up with petroleum pure and call it a day (in most of the U.S., ethanol isn't all that easy to find, although it's easier now than ever before). The latest numbers available from the U.S. government say that that about 300,000 E85-capable vehicles actua

AddMinnesota auditor calls for an end to ethanol subsidies

As one of the biggest corn-producing states in the country, Minnesota has long had a vested interest in promoting ethanol. Governor Pawlenty has called for raising the blend of ethanol in standard pump gasoline from the current 10 percent to at least 20 percent. However, not everyone in Minnesota is sold on the idea of supporting ethanol production. Minnesota's Legislative Auditor's office is calling on the state to stop subsidizing ethanol production. The state has spent $93 million on the paym

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