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    Report: Mini considering sedan, small sports car

    It looks as if the Mini stable could get a little more crowded. Inside Line reports that Mini's parent, BMW, may be considering a number of new models, including yet another CUV, a sports car, and a four-door. The additions, if they're all greenlit, would bump the Mini line to a total of 10 ...

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    Mini Countryman configurator powers up

    Right on schedule, the German brain trust in charge of marketing the heck out of (and hopefully selling a boatload of...) the 2011 Mini Countryman has uploaded the whole kit 'n kaboodle to the Web, and you are now free to build and price out your very own Mini crossover. If you're willing to ...

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    Video: More Mini Countryman action, fewer no yellow camo paint jobs

    Mini Countryman video footage - Click above to watch video
    If you can't get enough of the forthcoming Mini Countryman, twelve minutes of new footage that doesn't involve yellow swirlies has found its way onto the 'Net. Thankfully, there's no annoying musical soundtrack, so you can see and hear ...

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    Biggie MINI could use Fiat platform

    BMW and Fiat have already announced their intentions to collaborate on a new small car platform that will underpin the next MINI, due in 2012 or 2013, along with the successor to the Fiat Grande Punto and Alfa Romeo MiTo. However, a new platform developed by Fiat and dubbed the C-Evo will be used ...

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    Paris Preview: MINI SAV 5-door coming, FWD variant planned

    After nearly three years of rumors and speculation, the new jacked-up MINI SAV will finally make its debut, according to Autocar. The Brit pub is reporting that the MINI 'ute is bound for Paris, with an on-sale date sometime in 2010 and sporting a five-door design.Questions still remain about what ...

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    BMW to show X1 and MINI CUV in Paris

    With last week's news that BMW will begin producing the new X1 at its Leipzig facility, it was just a matter of time before the Bavarian boys gave us an indication as to when its compact CUV would be unveiled. As suspected, the wraps will be pulled off an X1 concept at the Paris Motor Show this ...

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    Paris unveiling rumored for MINI SUV

    Common sense says that MINI is gearing up to unveil its convertible Cooper before the end of the year, but according to AutoTelegraaf, the purveyors of everyone's favorite retromobile is planning to debut its new SUV in Paris. The Dutch site claims that the cabrio version of the Cooper and Cooper S ...

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    Spy Shots: MINI Crossman flashes its rump

    Seemingly a rolling contradiction in terms, the upcoming MINI SUV model, previously (but probably not officially) known as the Crossman, has been seen out in the wild again. Like before, the little SUV wears very little clothing, leaving almost all of its altered-bits out in the open. After looking ...

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    Most convincing rendering yet: MINI SUV

    Sure, the title is oxymoronic, but it's just a matter of time before MINI unveils its beefed-up 'ute. CAR put its crack team of 3D modeling wizards on the job to show what a mud-plugging MINI could look like, and surprising, it's not all that bad.While the design stays true to MINI's traditional ...

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    MINI Crossman CUV to use 1-Series parts

    Motoring File is reporting that the upcoming MINI CUV dubbed Crossman will share elements with the BMW X1 SUV that itself is based on the 1-Series. You heard that right: the MINI Crossman will have parts from the 1-Series, although we don't know which ones will be crossing over just yet. The ...

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    MINI Monte to be built Stateside?

    The MINI Monte (as in "Carlo") might not be arriving on our shores in 2009. Instead, it could actually be built on our shores. Most MINIs are made at BMW's plant in Oxford, but that factory is already at capacity. It has been rumored before that Magna might be contracted to build the MINI SUV at ...

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    Spy Shots: MINI's "Monty" SUV

    Spy shooters were able to capture one of the first pics of MINI's fabled pseudo-SUV undergoing testing, and according to the Brits over at AutoExpress, it will carry a 'Monte' moniker when it arrives in showrooms sometime in 2009. While we're equally perplexed by both the notion of a biggie-sized ...

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    BMW plans for future: 2 million by 2020, new models and fourth brand?

    click above image for gallery of the BMW CS Concept, which is destined for productionBMW CEO Norbert Reithofer revealed the automaker's plans for the future, all the way up to 2020. There's lots of stuff in works, but we'll try to hit each point here. First off, the company's got a short-term ...

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    Another take on the MINI SUV

    Just as MINI is ramping up to launch the Clubman wagon in addition to its current lineup for 2008, rumors are flying about a possible MINI compact sport utility vehicle, reportedly inspired by the Austin Ant and MINI Moke, dunebuggy-ish off-roaders originally designed for the British military. ...


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