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20VIDEO: Second teaser for pair of Mini concepts steps further into Bizzareland

Second Mini concept teaser -- Click above to watch video

12VIDEO: Abstract teaser hints at Mini concept duo for Frankfurt

Click the image above to view the video after the jump

91Officially Official: Happy 50th - it's the MINI Coupé Concept!

The Mini Coupé Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

16Rumored Mini coupe to be dubbed Broadspeed?

Those folks concerned with All Things Mini over at Motoringfile have some more salacious gossip regarding the rumored coupe and speedster variants. A conceptual version of the fixed-head sportster is expected at the Frankfurt Motor Show this autumn, and according to the website, the model will carry the moniker 'Broadspeed Coupe.' (Quick history lesson: A team by the name of Broadspeed raced Mini Coopers back in the 1960's, and they even went so far as to produce a racier coupe version of the of

14Rumormill: Mooted Mini Speedster could be beaten to market by Mini Coupe

We've already heard widespread rumors about a forthcoming speedster variant of the cheeky little Mini, but the Cooper crazy folks over at MotoringFile have reason to believe that the racy roadster will be beaten to market by a "notch-back coupe version of the car."

AddRendered Speculation: MINI Speedster, chop the windshield, drop the back seat!

One of the few brands to show any growth in 2008 was MINI, thanks to a combination of high fuel economy and fun to drive characteristics. The MINI convertible, in particular, is a fun sunny day conveyance. However, the back seat of the MINI is so small that it's virtually useless.

3Rendered Rumormill: Mini Speedster coming to Frankfurt?

While we're big fans of the Mini Cooper and Cooper S, the Convertible has left us wanting on several levels – visibility and weight being our biggest gripes. However, the remedy may be on the way this September when Mini takes the wraps of the Cooper Roadster at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

9Rendered Speculation: More MINI Speedster sketches and speculation surfaces

We've been hearing rumors of an upcoming MINI Speedster for years, and now the rumormill is building momentum, with additional speculations and renderings of a possible Miata-fighter. If it indeed does come to fruition, expect the MINI Speedster to jettison the rear bench in favor of a sportscar-proper 2-seat arrangement, which should also serve to boost luggage capacity to a bit more than the single set of golf clubs common to the genre.

12Rumormill: MINI Speedster said to be on the way... again

BMW has been on a roll with its MINI brand, and after the raging success that the revived Cooper had in its first generation, the German automaker saw fit to give the brand its first major revision back in 2006. A year later, the automaker released the extended-length Clubman model and this year it finally launched the new convertible. What's next? Almost certainly the first MINI Crossover, which is expected to make its formal debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

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