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    Report: Mini considering sedan, small sports car

    It looks as if the Mini stable could get a little more crowded. Inside Line reports that Mini's parent, BMW, may be considering a number of new models, including yet another CUV, a sports car, and a four-door. The additions, if they're all greenlit, would bump the Mini line to a total of 10 ...

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    2011 MINI Crossover coming to Frankfurt in production form

    Click above for a gallery of the MINI Crossover Concept
    According to BMW, the reception to its MINI Crossover Concept from the Paris Motor Show was so positive that the automaker approved the project for production in 2011 just four weeks after it debuted. The production version of the jacked-up ...

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    Spy Shots: Production MINI Crossover spotted!

    Beneath all that ridiculous (though pretty darn effective) yellow and black paisley camouflage sits the new MINI Crossover. First shown in concept form at the Paris Motor Show, at 162-inches long, the new MINI CUV is quite a bit larger than its other older stablemates. At what point is a MINI not ...

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    BMW to show X1 and MINI CUV in Paris

    With last week's news that BMW will begin producing the new X1 at its Leipzig facility, it was just a matter of time before the Bavarian boys gave us an indication as to when its compact CUV would be unveiled. As suspected, the wraps will be pulled off an X1 concept at the Paris Motor Show this ...

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    Paris unveiling rumored for MINI SUV

    Common sense says that MINI is gearing up to unveil its convertible Cooper before the end of the year, but according to AutoTelegraaf, the purveyors of everyone's favorite retromobile is planning to debut its new SUV in Paris. The Dutch site claims that the cabrio version of the Cooper and Cooper S ...

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    Spy Shots: MINI Crossman flashes its rump

    Seemingly a rolling contradiction in terms, the upcoming MINI SUV model, previously (but probably not officially) known as the Crossman, has been seen out in the wild again. Like before, the little SUV wears very little clothing, leaving almost all of its altered-bits out in the open. After looking ...

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    Spy Shots: MINI Crossman CUV

    Spy photographers have caught the MINI Crossman practically naked. Unless BMW is keeping the car's final ride height a secret, this looks to be a branding exercise extraordinaire: the car is but a few millimeters higher than the Clubman. Its "rough-road" credentials are supposedly validated by the ...

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    MINI Monte to be built Stateside?

    The MINI Monte (as in "Carlo") might not be arriving on our shores in 2009. Instead, it could actually be built on our shores. Most MINIs are made at BMW's plant in Oxford, but that factory is already at capacity. It has been rumored before that Magna might be contracted to build the MINI SUV at ...

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    BMW plans for future: 2 million by 2020, new models and fourth brand?

    click above image for gallery of the BMW CS Concept, which is destined for productionBMW CEO Norbert Reithofer revealed the automaker's plans for the future, all the way up to 2020. There's lots of stuff in works, but we'll try to hit each point here. First off, the company's got a short-term ...

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    Mazda2 to spawn all-road Ford Fiesta in Europe

    Auto Express is reporting that Ford plans to take the new Mazda2-derived Ford Fiesta into uncharted waters. They are apparently going to produce a baby ute off the platform, somewhat like the Suzuki SX-4. Ford already announced in Paris that it would be producing the Focus 4x4, which would mean ...


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