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mini countryman wrc

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    Report: Was Mini's late registration in WRC just an attempt to play hardball?

    Mini has reportedly confirmed its 2012 World Rally Championship entry after initially missing the December 19 entry deadline. According to Autosport, the delay may have had something to do with concerns Mini parent company BMW had over television coverage of the sport in Germany. Now it would ...

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    Videos: Mini has some fun with the Countryman WRC

    Mini is excited to get back to rally racing, and its hoping the new Countryman WRC will be a good tool for the job. The automaker has been all over the place to show off its pumped-up racer, and, thankfully for us, cameras were brought along the whole way. We have five videos waiting for you ...

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    Video: Mini gets reintroduction to rally racing

    Mini Countryman WRC teaser clip – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Mini is venturing back into the World Rally Championship fold. That's right, we said "back into," because in the 60's, Mini decided to take its Cooper and go rallying. This wasn't simply a half-cocked effort ...

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    Mini rallies back to Monte Carlo with new Countryman WRC

    2011 Mini Countryman WRC in Monte Carlo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in the 1960s, the Monte Carlo Rally ran from Marrakech to Monaco (the opposite direction from the Paris-Dakar) and the old-guard Mini made headlines when it took the checkered flag in '64 an '67. These ...

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    Rumormill: Mini working on road-going version of WRC Countryman?

    Mini Countryman WRC – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Tail-slidin', bump-jumpin' heroics are all good and fun, but one of the things we love most about rallying is that the cars are closely based on production models. Often rather ordinary ones at that, like Ford Fiestas, Subaru ...

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    Meeke Shall Inherit: Mini poaches Peugeot's IRC champ to drive Countryman WRC

    If you've been wondering who'll be piloting the new Mini Countryman in the World Rally Championship, wonder no longer. Driving duties will be handed to Kris Meeke. Haven't heard of him? The British rally driver has had an interesting career so far on his climb up to the pinnacle of off-road ...

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    Video(s): Mini Countryman WRC gets wrung out

    2011 Mini Countryman WRC – Click above to watch video after the jump
    If it looks like a WRC racer, sounds like a WRC racer and moves like a WRC racer, chances are it will be able to handle itself against the rest of the pros on the global rally stage. We've already gotten a few quick ...

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    Mini confirms entry into 2011 World Rally Championship with Countryman

    2011 Mini Countryman WRC – Click above to enlarge
    Were it not for the efforts of John Cooper and drivers like Paddy Hopkirk on the European rally stages of the 1960s, the Mini brand probably wouldn't have the beloved reputation that it does today – in fact, it's possible it would ...


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