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    Official: Honda drops full details about incredibly adorable N-One

    Honda Japan has dropped all of the savory details about its new Kei car, the cute 'n cuddly N-One. The N-One builds on the JDM-only N line for the automaker, which already produces an N Box and N Box+ for Japanese consumers. The boxy Kei car will offer two powerplants displacing 660cc each, one ...

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    Tokyo: Honda N Box is done with mirrors [w/video]

    Honda is redoubling its Kei-class effort here at the Tokyo Motor Show, and the opening salvo of its new N Series is this square-rigged model, the appropriately named N Box. The N Box is actually launching in two versions, the standard model and the Custom, which includes showier head- and ...

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    Car Gifts for Christmas: Ultimate Edition

    Our third and final list of car gifts for Christmas is made up of things we sadly can't afford ourselves. These are top-notch gift ideas for those who happen to fall into the very highest tax brackets, and we are officially envious of anyone who receives anything on this list. Too rich for your ...

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    British Charade continues to develop

    Long gone from the U.S. marketplace, Daihatsu continues to do quite well in other markets, particularly with Toyota's recent cash infusions. The handful of Charade owners still in the U.S. likely wouldn't recognise the current model, but in case Daihatsuphiles are wondering how the ...

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    Chrysler to team with Chery for new small car?

    According to Automotive News, Chrysler is considering striking a deal with Chinese automaker Chery to build a new small Dodge or Chrysler for the international market. A meeting between Chery President Yin Tongyao and Chrysler executives is rumored for Friday, May 5.If Chery does end up assembling ...


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