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    Today's forecast: Mid-70s temps, 100% chance of Veyron

    Click image for photo galleryThis week in Greenwich, the weather is sunny, the temps are well into the 70s, and Miller Motorcars has a fresh Veyron parked out front. Finished in Deep Red and Chocolate -- like a 987-horsepower cherry cordial -- it looks suitably delicious gleaming in the midday sun. ...

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    The Bentley Continental GTC in Greenwich

    Saturday, September 9 was a beautiful day in southern Connecticut. The skies were clear and the air was warm. Perfect convertible weather, actually, so it was fitting that Miller Motorcars Bentley Greenwich was playing host to the new Continental GTC for the day. If the light blue convertible looks ...

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    Bugatti Veyrons invade Connecticut

    Click image for 31-shot photo galleryLast week, Greenwich, CT motorists were joined on the roads by a particularly special guest: the mind-blowing Bugatti Veyron. Now, exotics in Greenwich are actually quite commonplace -- the area is very affluent and is home to several successful high-end ...


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