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    A Balanced Education: Ferrari dedicates "Mille Chili" lab at local university

    Ferrari technical training center pictured above for illustrative purposes
    A few years ago, I helped a friend who was graduating engineering school to fill out an application for an internship with Ferrari. He didn't get it (probably my fault), but I was impressed that Ferrari was recruiting ...

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    F430 Replacement: lightweight with turbo V8

    Ferrari has promised to make its future products lighter and more mindful of the environment, and the first example of the Italian automaker's new direction will likely be the F430 replacement. This new Ferrari, code-named F142, is rumored to arrive towards the end of 2009 or early 2010. The ...

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    Ferrari Enzo successor to feature 900 HP twin-turbo V8?

    We just told you about the upcoming Enzo replacement based on the Millechili concept a few days ago, but now we have a few more juicy rumors to share. Informed sources tell us that the upcoming replacement for Ferrari's Enzo supercar will take a different tack. As was reported earlier, it is ...

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    Future Ferrari: lighter weight, 2+2 V8, new supercar

    Ferrari's getting in on the environmental game. Well, relatively speaking. The next supercar from the home of the prancing horse will be lighter and use a lower-displacement engine, but still have at least 500 HP. Thoughts are that such a car would derive its powerplant from the one mooted for the ...

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    Ferrari shows off future technologies with its FXX Mille Chili concept

    Details have started to emerge regarding Ferrari's new eco-friendly concept vehicle, the FXX Mille Chile. Ferrari, like other high performance vehicle manufacturers, realize that it needs to develop and introduce new technologies in order to keep selling its high-performance brand of vehicles. ...


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