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AddMiles EV files for bankruptcy alongside Coda's troubles

As Coda Automotive goes through bankruptcy proceedings, related companies are not escaping the turmoil. Both Lio Energy Systems Holdings and Miles Electric Vehicles asked this week to have their bankruptcy cases jointed administered with Coda's, since they're all tied together.

Add2012 Coda Sedan

A Chinese EV From California's Newest Automaker

752012 Coda Sedan

A Chinese EV From California's Newest Automaker

AddCoda Automotive adds former MINI, VW exec as marketing officer

Code EV sedan - Click above for high-res image gallery

AddCoda Automotive announces U.S. battery joint venture

Coda sedan - Click above for high res image gallery

AddLive coverage of the Coda EV including interior photos

Coda sedan - click above for a high res live gallery

21Miles EV launches Coda Automotive for full speed electric sedan w/Video

Coda Automotive EV sedan - Click above for a high-res gallery

AddMiles EV launches Coda Automotive for full speed electric sedan w/VIDEO

click above for a high res gallery of the Code EV sedan

AddMiles Automotive removes highway speed electric vehicle from homepage, rebranding coming soon

As you can see in the screen grab above, Miles Automotive's website currently lists two just vehicles: low speed cars and trucks. But, you say, wasn't there a lot of talk about a highway-speed electric vehicle not that long ago (and even quite a while ago)? Indeed there was, and we can now explain why the vehicle has moved off of the company's homepage: it won't be a Miles EV when it arrives.

AddAttention Wal-Mart shoppers: Electric cars marked down on aisle 6

Might your next (first?) electric vehicle purchase be transacted at Wal-Mart? It's not out of realm of possibility. Mexican company, GS Motors, is already selling 3 different models from China's First Auto Works (FAW) at a so-called "big box" retail chain in Mexico and has plans to replicate the strategy north of their border. Company CEO Kathleen Ligocki says, "I think the product will be ready for the U.S. market within five years." Starting next year, the Chinese designs are expected to be as

AddMiles EV CEO talks about highway speed electric sedan, company's future

A little while back, we got our first official peek of the Miles EV highway speed sedan. That picture can now be fleshed out a bit with details on how Miles EV is planning to bring this Chinese-built all-electric car to the US market. Miles EV CEO Kevin Czinger sat down with AutoblogGreen and talked about the branding of this vehicle, who Miles EV thinks the first customers will be, and the estimated 10-year showroom lifespan of this particular model (with variants). More importantly, he gave da

AddTTAC not pleased with a 2007 Miles ZX40S

The last time The Truth About Cars got its hands on an all-electric alternative vehicle, it was less than impressed. Now, the site's latest tester is the Miles ZX40S. Will this more practical alternative to the gasoline engine win some favor from TTAC? No, not really. The actual test model procured by the internet rag was an older model from 2007 that didn't have the latest AC motor or regenerative braking. As a low-speed vehicle, the Miles machine managed an artificial top-speed of 28 miles per

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