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    Report: EPA to scrutinize auto fuel economy tests, issue revised guidelines

    Following the lowering of estimated fuel economy figures from companies like Ford, Hyundai, Kia and even a handful of Mercedes-Benz sedans in the recent past, the Environmental Protection Agency is cracking down by mandating new mileage testing procedures by the end of the year, after first ...

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    Report: Will fallout from Hyundai and Kia's MPG issues hurt resale values?

    First came Hyundai's and Kia's corporate admission of guilt about overstating fuel economy numbers, then the recompense, then the lawsuits. Now begins the process of gnawing on every one of the consequences. In case you've only just returned from the International Space Station, Hyundai and Kia ...

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    Report: NY Volvo owner closing in on 3 million miles in P1800S [w/video]

    If you've been following these pages for a while, you may remember Irv Gordon and his 1966 Volvo P1800. The duo have found their way onto these pages twice before: first back in 2007 when the machine cruised past 2.6 million miles and then again in 2011 when the machine picked up an additional ...

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    Volvo's iconic P1800 turns 50 as record-holding owner passes 2.9 million miles

    Think of Volvos and you're likely to picture a station wagon carrying kids home from soccer practice. But 50 years ago, the Swedish automaker produced one of the most curvaceous sportscars on the market. It was called the P1800, and it still stands as an icon in the company's history and a cult ...

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    2011 Ford Explorer with EcoBoost 2.0-liter delivers 30% better fuel economy than V6

    Ford has got the gas mileage goods on its 2011 EcoBoost-powered Explorer, and it's news you might like if you want one: you'll get 30 percent better mileage with the inline-four than you could with the outgoing V6. Ford did, however, leave a key detail out of the press release touting this: it ...

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    Ask Autoblog: Why doesn't my guzzler qualify as a clunker?

    We've been hearing plenty of horror stories this past week about people trying and failing to trade in their vehicles under the Cash for Clunkers program. We recently received an e-mail from a reader named Rex asking about his particular case. Unfortunately, a big part of the problem is either ...

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    Nissan pokes fun at Volt, claims 367 mpg equivalent for Leaf EV

    Nissan Leaf EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Not content to let General Motors grab all the shiny happy tree-huggy headlines today with its 230 mpg claim for the Chevy Volt in city operation, the gang manning the NissanEVs Twitter account needled GM's range-extended EV messiah, ...

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    2009 BMW X6 gets some preliminary EPA numbers

    When we had our First Drive in BMW's new X6 Sport Activity Coupe, we didn't get the opportunity to really measure fuel consumption, since the vehicles were gassed-up when we got behind the wheel and were then refuelled during our lunch break. A glance at the on-board computer of the '35i we drove ...

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    More cars than ever require premium fuel

    Whether you call it "premium," "super unleaded," or even "high test," it all means the same thing -- the most expensive gasoline at the pump. In a somewhat counterproductive trend, the skyrocketing cost of fuel is forcing automobile manufacturers to use smaller and more powerful engines, often with ...

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    Chrysler says it will meet new CAFE standards

    Detroit's sharp intake of breath over the very real possibility of increased federal fuel economy standards apparently doesn't include Chrysler's voice. CEO Robert Nardelli has told The Car Connection that rather than waste lots of time and energy opposing the likely increase to a 35 mpg fleet ...

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    VW finds highest mileage diesel in Ohio

    click either image to enlargeEarlier this month, Volkswagen of America showed off the oldest VW diesel in the U.S., a 1977 diesel Rabbit residing in California. Today it revealed the second half of its search, the highest mileage VW diesel in the U.S. This one is a 1986 Jetta Turbo Diesel owned by ...

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    Voters want better gas mileage, and sooner

    In a survey of 30 congressional districts in the Midwest and Southeast, it was "found that nearly nine out of ten voters want mandatory increases in fuel efficiency." In fact, to be specific, they want the House of Representatives to pass the same CAFE standards as the Senate passed two months ago: ...

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    BREAKING: Senators reach agreement on CAFE standards

    As our colleagues over at AutoblogGreen note, with all the lobbying going on this week for and against tougher fuel economy standards, it's been tough following who's for what and what's good for whom. Regardless, the debate came to end late yesterday when the Senate agreed to a portion of the new ...

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    Odo Uh-Oh: Honda extending warranties on 6 million cars

    Honda has decided to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleges its odometers were racking up miles too fast. The automaker says odometers on some 6 million Hondas affected by the suit were accurate to within 3.75% on the high side. The NHTSA doesn't regulate odometer accuracy, and the only ...

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    SEMA: Alé contending for Automotive X-Prize

    The Alé from Fuel Vapor Technologies is the first actual entry for the Automotive X-Prize that we've come across. For those that need a refresher course, the X-Prize Foundation is the organization that got a private plane into orbit by dangling some big bucks at the end of a stick. The ...

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    Saturn Outlook to start at $27,990

    Saturn has announced that its new 8-passenger crossover called the Outlook will have an MSRP of $27,990 for a two-wheel drive model and $29,990 for an all-wheel drive XE model. Uplevel XR models will start at $30,290 for two-wheel drive and $32,290 for all-wheel drive. All models will get General ...

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    Toyota, Honda dominate U.S. fuel economy ratings

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy released Tuesday the 2007 edition of the government's Fuel Economy Guide, and Toyota and Honda models dominate the top of the rankings, with seven of the top ten fuel economy ratings, led by Toyota's Prius. Ford Motor was the ...

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    Canadians crack down on illegal idling

    Anyone who feared that Canada's anti-idling law would go unenforced need not worry -- the city of Toronto and Toronto Police Services will ticket drivers (or idlers, as it were) of vehicles left idling for more than three minutes in a 60-minute time window. The infraction goes for $100 with a $25 ...

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    Mod eliminates Hummer mileage problem...or does it?

    High gas prices combined with the Hummer's bottom-of-the-barrell gas mileage should spell doom for sales for the boxy SUV, right? Well, two Hummer dealerships may have found a technological workaround. Sib blog engadget reports that Detroit Hummer and Hummer of Novi are selling a modification, ...

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    Mitsubishi to offer CVT for first time in U.S.

    The next Mitsubishi Lancer will be the first vehicle from the company to be offered with a continuously variable transmission when it goes on sale next March. The CVT will be paired with a 2.4L version of the World Engine that Mitsubishi helped develop in conjunction with Hyundai and Daimler ...


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