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    Geneva: Magna MILA Coupic Concept is a shape-shifting convertible crossover pickup

    Please excuse us while we banish thoughts of David Letterman's hosting of Oscar night – Magna; MILA... Uma; Oprah – and instead focus on what this concept car brings to the table. This is the sixth MILA Concept from Magna-Steyr, the Austrian arm of Canadian auto parts giant Magna ...

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    Teased: Magna Steyr previews shape-shifting MILA Coupic concept for Geneva

    Magna Steyr may not be a name most consumers would recognize, but it is one of the biggest players in the auto industry. As a contract manufacturer, it has produced some 2.5 million vehicles across 21 different models, including the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Aston Martin Rapide and Mini Countryman, ...

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    BMW and Mercedes talk to Magna about Mila

    The Magna MILA Alpin concept car shown in Geneva has gotten the attention of both Mercedes and BMW. The button-cute 4-wheeler rode on a flexible platform, could utilize a variety of fuel sources, climb 45-degree angles, and get up to 120 mph. Those capabilities, and the ability to be easily ...

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    Swiss Army Roof: Magna Steyr MILA Future

    Click on the image above to jump to our high-resolution image gallery Innovations in retractable hard-tops come from what could very well be the broadest range of sources in the industry. The complex retractable roof systems are sometimes designed and developed by the automakers themselves, ...


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