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mighty boy

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    Videos: LS1-powered Suzuki Mighty Boy does insane snarly donuts

    The JDM kei-sized Suzuki Mighty Boy from the 1980s weighed about 1,100 pounds and typically packed no more than 30 horsepower. What happens, then, when the only extra weight you add to the mix are a pair of fat rear tires and a General Motors LS1 V8? A lot of smoky burnouts, that's for ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear Australia electric car build-off, Aussie rules style

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    While they might lack the comedic punch of their seasoned British co-frères, the presenters at Top Gear Australia don't seem to have any electric car "issues". Indeed, in a recent episode they even held their own battery-powered build-off. ...

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    Auction Action: 1985 Suzuki Mighty Boy

    Fed up with your pick up's lousy mileage, but worried that your neighbors will stone you Top Gear style if you buy a regular car? Want to make Subaru Brat drivers feel all superior? Or just need a second truck that will fit in the back of your Silverado? Look no further than this 1985 Suzuki ...


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